What is a Recumbent Bike – Full Explanation

Have you ever wished you can ride a bicycle without having to sit upright or leaning forward? You know, just like the stationary bikes at the gym where you can chill back while all of your legs do the work. If you have, then you should consider getting a recumbent bike.

What is a recumbent bike, you might ask? Split the two words, recumbent means lying down and bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle. If you combine the two, it literally means a bicycle that you ride lying down. How to ride a recumbent bike is actually a bit different from riding a regular bicycle but it is doable.


Riding a Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike doesn’t necessarily require a rider to be lying down for it to be operated. Some models have you sitting down as if on a regular chair as opposed to a regular bike saddle. There are of course other recumbent bikes with seats that can be reclined lower. If you know how to ride a regular bike, it will be easy for you to ride a recumbent bike.

1.   Bike Preparation

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your bike. Adjust the seat so that you can comfortably hold on to the handlebars when you are sitting down as if you were on a regular bike. At the same time, your legs should be able to reach the pedals without having to be fully extended. Start first with the seat at an upright angle before reclining and choose a flat road to practice on.

2.   Balance is Key

Just like with a regular bike, you need to learn how to balance. To do this, start by sitting down on the seat all the while pressing on the brakes so your bike doesn’t move back and forth. You can then move forward and backward by walking your feet—don’t use the pedals just yet. Once you have gained momentum, lift one of your feet up and try to balance.

3.   Take a Leap

It’s time to trust your gut and the balance you have learned. Try gaining momentum again but this time lift both of your feet up at the same time. Then, you can start by pedaling with one foot and the next with both feet.

Uses of a Recumbent Bike

Now, you might be wondering, what is a recumbent bike for? Isn’t a regular bike enough? Here are a few uses of using a recumbent bike:

Long, Leisurely Cycling

A conventional bicycle can easily be physically punishing especially if you are on the road for too long. However, if you simply want to explore an area, take in the views, and have all the time in the world, a recumbent bike might just be the perfect vehicle. With its reclined and comfortable seat, you can stay on a recumbent bike for longer.

Address Physical Issues

People who have physical disabilities or injuries that prevent them from riding a regular bicycle might find that a recumbent bike is a possible solution. Some recumbent bike models offer lumbar support or can help ease pain in the knees and the back. Since recumbent bikes are closer to the ground, they can also prevent major fall injuries that occur on conventional bicycles.

New Challenges

If you have gotten bored of your mountain bike or hybrid bike, the best recumbent road bike might just be the thing that ignites your passion for cycling again. A recumbent road bike requires different techniques for you to master riding it.

Recap: What is a Recumbent Bike?

So, what is a recumbent bike again? It is a type of two-wheeled vehicle that has its rider sitting in a reclining and laid-back position. It offers support on the rider’s buttocks and back and comes with a large area for weight distribution.

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