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Can You Identify a Bike by Serial NumberCan You Identify a Bike by Serial Number

Can You Identify a Bike by Serial Number?

After buying a new bicycle, whether it’s a new one straight off the rack, or a second hand vintage bicycle you got from someone, one of the first things you need to do before riding off into the sunset is to find the...

Bike Riding for Weight Loss-Benefits of Cycling

Riding a bike is fun, relaxing, and just overall enjoyable. It even offers a host of benefits for your mind and body. It’s a nice way to get out and about, enjoy your surroundings, and put in a bit of exercise. Plus...

Cyclist is inflating tire pressureCyclist is inflating tire pressure

Road Bike Tire Pressure- Find The Right Bicycle PSI

The ideal tire pressure for your bike depends on how wide its tires are. For bikes with narrow tires like road bikes, the correct road bike tire pressure is at 80 to 130 psi, but for wider tires, less air pressure is...