What is a Gravel Bike – Everything You Need to Know

There are so many bicycles available in the market, some are quite specific when it comes to their purposes, such as the city bike meant for shot commutes or the adventure bike for sport-touring. You might have chanced upon the gravel bike.

What is a gravel bike? You might be wondering what could it be and how does it differ from other bicycle types? Isn’t it just like an adventure bike or a cross country bike? The short answer, the gravel bike is used for multiple terrains and comes with a drop-bar bike design. If you want to know more about the gravel bike, here’s an in-depth discussion on its features.


Gravel Bike Features

The gravel bike has amazing features making it one of the best types of bicycles available in the market. It’s perfect for use whether you are going on errands or full-on excursions out of town.


With one of the lightest frames, the gravel bike is easy to bring along on trips. It is also perfect for long rides as it requires less effort for riders. Of course, if you compare it to a road bike, the gravel bike is quite a bit heavier but it will be lighter than bulky mountain bikes.


With the structure of the gravel bike, it is quite versatile and can be used for just about anything. It’s perfect for riding around in the city as well as for going on bumpy rides on cycling courses.

male cyclist stands behind his gravel bike

Relaxed, Solid Build

You might be able to notice from the get-go that a gravel bike has distinct physical features. Starting off with the brake system, which uses disc brakes. These are mostly hydraulics so that you will have no problem riding a bike in different weather conditions or through various surfaces.

You might also notice that the geometry of a gravel bike is quite relaxed. Its bottom bracket is low and its wheelbases are long. These features are to ensure riders are stable and comfortable, even on long rides. Gravel bikes also have tall head tubes and slick head angles, which promise relaxed steering on the rider’s part.


One of the best things about the gravel bike is how easy it is to customize. You can change its parts or add on to the frame to suit your needs. This way, you don’t need to purchase separate bikes for different activities. Here are just some of the things you can change on a gravel bike:


Most gravel bike frames can handle a wide range of tires, different widths, tread patterns, and sizes. Imagine if you plan to go on a trip to the countryside and go on really rough terrain, you can simply get larger tires with better treads.

Once you finish your excursions and head back to the city, you can go back to your old wheelset. It’s pretty easy to change tires on a gravel bike and definitely a more economical choice.


The gears on a gravel bike can be changed up depending on your preference. Whether you are looking to go climbing up a hill or need extra gear support for going on a 10-mile trip, a gravel bike is perfect for any of these activities.

Riding Position

With a flat bar gravel bike, you don’t have to worry about your riding position. One of the main differences between a road bike and a mountain bike is the rider’s position, with the former leaning forward and the latter with an upright position. With a gravel bike, you can change up your position to suit riding on different types of terrain and situations.


With additional eyelets on a gravel bike, you can easily customize your bicycle to your preferences. Maybe you will be going on a trip towards a wintry hill, the eyelets on your bike can be added with mudguards. At the same time, you can add a rack for commutes or touring.

How to Choose a Gravel Bike

Now that you know what is a gravel bike, it’s time to find out how to choose one. Anyone can definitely benefit from owning a gravel bike. It’s perfect for everyday use and also for leisure. Choosing a gravel bike is pretty much the same as picking out a regular bike. Choosing a gravel bike depends mainly on you, your size, and your preferences. Aside from your height, you might need to measure your inseam length, too.

Recap: What is a Gravel Bike?

So, again, what is a gravel bike? A gravel bike is a type of bicycle with drop handlebars and can be used on different terrain. It is a combination of a few other bicycle types, including cyclocross, mountain bike, road bike, and adventure bike. Getting some of the very best features from these bicycles to offer a unique and versatile bicycle.

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