5 Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200 Dollars in 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

First of all, what are hybrid bikes? To put it simply, a hybrid is a mix between a road bike and a mountain bike- meaning, you get both on and off-road capabilities. As such, hybrids are versatile rides that can take you just about anywhere.

That said, not all hybrid bikes are the same. Some look more like MTBs and some feel a lot like road bikes. Some are made with high-end materials, while some, not so much. What we’re trying to say is that buying a hybrid bike is a complicated process that involves a lot of research and decision making. Then you have to narrow down your options, which is another tough job.

To help you out, we bring you this definitive review and buying guide on the best hybrid bikes under 200 dollars. While these rides may come cheap, their performance and quality definitely won’t feel like you’re riding an inexpensive ride. Let’s begin!


Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200 – Full Reviews

Here are your five most promising options when it comes to good hybrid bikes under 200 dollars:

Schwinn 700c Copeland Men’s Hybrid Bike

Cheap Hybrid Bikes Top 1

Among the best bikes under 200 dollars is the Schwinn 700c Copeland Men’s Hybrid Bike, a durable and versatile bike that lets you do anything from commuting to work during the weekdays and riding down bike paths on the weekends.

With this bike, you can go on excursions and ride around the neighborhood thanks to the solid Schwinn steel frame. You’ll also enjoy adapting to different terrains easily with precise and snappy gear changes, courtesy of a Shimano rear derailleur and 21-speed twist shifters.

Not only that, this bike also comes with both classic V-brakes and modern disc brakes to make for all-conditions stopping power that’s like no other. Even the dual sport tires and alloy rims are commendable in that they offer so much grip and durability. All in all, the Schwinn Copeland is a versatile go-to that lets riders like you enjoy ultimate freedom.

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Ideal for bike paths and pavements
  • Recommended for exercise and off-roading
  • Dual sport tires, 700c wheels
  • Suitable for riders 5’4” to 6’2” in height
  • Easy to assemble

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ZOYO Hybrid Bikes Men’s and Women’s 21 speed Mountain Bike

Cheap Hybrid Bikes Top 2

You will also love the ZOYO Hybrid Bikes Men’s and Women’s 21 speed Mountain Bike, which features a strong and sturdy aluminum frame. This makes the bike lightweight but still able to take a beating. In fact, this bike is remarkably durable while also being ideal for high-speed rides. Not to forget, it also makes for a 180 pound weight capacity.

Among its many amazing features are the 21 Shimano speed gears that make climbing hills and trails easy-peasy. Complementing this drivetrain are Shimano shifters which make for a smooth and effortless gear adjustment. What this all means is that you can focus on enjoying your ride rather than figuring out how to make your bike work with you.

In any case, this model is also pretty easy and straightforward to assemble, considering that it arrives 85% pre-assembled. The included instructions are also clear, concise, and easy to follow, so with a few minutes of elbow grease, you’ll be ready to ride your bike into the sunset.

  • Lightweight yet robust construction
  • Enhanced stopping power with disc brakes
  • Adjustable seat and integrated wheels
  • Shimano parts and components
  • Also available in womens bike styles

Columbia Cross Train 700c Men’s 21-Speed Fitness Hybrid Commuter Bike

Cheap Hybrid Bikes Top 3

Also among the best hybrid bikes is the Columbia Cross Train 700c Men’s 21-Speed Fitness Hybrid Commuter Bike, a great quality bike that ensures satisfying, dreamy rides. It boasts of a strong and solid alloy frame complemented by best-in-class V-brakes in order to deliver a uniquely comfortable ride.

Its lightweight frame does not compromise on quality and performance. In fact, the frame alone is so durable and sure to withstand years of abuse. You’ll be surprised as to how easy and effortless it is to maneuver the bike through tough and crooked trails.

What’s particularly great about this hybrid bicycle is that it makes for easy rides on even the toughest terrains, which isn’t always something you can get from a bike- especially if it’s the wrong one. This ease of riding is partly thanks to the 21-speed drivetrain that makes uphill climbs and traversing bumpy roads a breeze.

  • Upright and ergonomic design for superior comfort
  • Lightweight and durable frame construction
  • 21-speed gears for handling various terrains
  • Safe and reliable stopping power with V-brakes
  • High quality Shimano shifters

Schwinn Men’s Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle

Cheap Hybrid Bikes Top 4

Another excellent option especially when it comes to mens bikes is the Schwinn Men’s Community 700c Hybrid Bicycle, which comes from one of the best bicycle brands in the cycling industry. This ride features superior suspension forks with unparalleled shock absorbers, so riding along bumpy roads will feel like chilling on clouds.

That’s not the only good thing about this bike, either. For example, its frame is made of lightweight aluminum that’s also extremely sturdy, not to mention resistant to rust and corrosion. This means you can enjoy riding the bike for years and years to come.

Moreover, the Schwinn Men’s Community also boasts of a superior gear system that paves the way for exciting explorations. Its 21 speed gears will let you enjoy taking on various on and off-road terrains, as well as help you traverse difficult landscapes effortlessly.

  • Durable and long-lasting aluminum construction
  • Full fenders for reliable all-weather protection
  • Rear racks for hauling cargo on biking trips
  • 21-speed drivetrain, Shimano parts, alloy rims and cranks

Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Urban City Commuter Bicycle

Cheap Hybrid Bikes Top 5

Finally, there’s also the Hiland Road Hybrid Bike Urban City Commuter Bicycle, which is designed for performance and versatility. This is an affordable and comfortable ride that features a simple yet fun retro design to complete a great riding experience.

Not only is it head-turning with its retro aesthetic and circular steel tubing, it’s also strong and durable thanks to the steel frame. Performance-wise, you’ll get to enjoy the versatility offered by 6 speed gears that make city rides and simple shiftings comfortable and easy.

This bicycle even comes with 700c wheels that offer the superior, exhilarating, high-speed riding experience you typically get from a road bike. Not to mention, the Hiland hybrid bike is also easy to assemble and only requires attaching the seat, pedals, front wheel, and handlebars. All things considered, it’s a great bicycle, and definitely the prettiest on this list!

  • Superior performance, quality, and design
  • Suitable for road riding and uphill climbs
  • Available in 3 sizes for riders 5’2” to 6’2” in height
  • Easy to assemble and tune up

How To Find The Best Hybrid Bikes Under 200 dollars

man riding bike in city center

Before buying a bicycle (no matter what kind), there are certain things you need to take into account and understand so that you can make a better informed decision and go home with the perfect bike that rides like a dream. We took the liberty of listing down these important factors below to get you started:

Intended Purpose

First, ask yourself what you’ll likely be using the hybrid bicycle for. For instance, do you want a bike for daily commutes and occasional off-roading adventures? Do you mostly ride on flat pavement, or do you climb lots of steep slopes?

Will you mostly be riding around city streets, in which case you’re better off with, say, cheap road bikes? Or perhaps you really only want to ride a bike on off-road trails, and would prefer a great entry-level mountain bike under $300? Maybe you want to ride more comfortably or have limited mobility, and will better appreciate an e-bike or a recumbent road bike.

These questions will help you determine how much of a road or mountain bike you need the hybrid to be like, how many speed gears you need to have, what size tires you should get, and even whether hybrid bikes are the right option for you in the first place.

Overall Performance

The reason why hybrid bikes are so popular nowadays is because they are extremely well performing regardless of terrain or road condition. Then again, that’s because they come with the sensibilities of both road and mountain bikes.

At least, that’s the promise. For some bikes, the reality doesn’t always live up to par. This is why it’s important to evaluate the bicycle’s actual performance, whether that’s by test riding the bike or reading up on customers’ reviews online. It’s important to make sure that the bike is durable, comfortable, efficient, and can easily adjust to various landscapes.


One of the first parts of the bike you need to look at is the frame. It should be made with a good quality material, since it’s what supports the weight of the bicycle and the rider, and as such, it’s what ultimately determines the longevity of the bicycle, as well as its weight.

When it comes to hybrid bikes, you’ll see that they’re typically made with steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, although at 200 dollars, your choices are limited to steel and aluminum. So, if you want a carbon fiber frame, you’ll have to look at more expensive models.

Each of these materials come with their pros and cons, with aluminum being lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant, while steel being slightly more affordable and sturdier but also considerably heavier and prone to rusting. 

Here’s a good read from Tony’s Trailers on how to remove rust off a bike.


Aside from the frame material, you also need to account for the frame size. This determines who can comfortably and safely ride the bike. As such, you need to base your decision on which bike size to buy on your height and inseam.

There are lots of available bike sizing guides online, but for foolproof measurements, base your decision on the manufacturer’s size guide, or better yet, measure the bike frame and compare it with your inseam. You can also try sitting on the saddle and see how much knee bend there is as you rest your feet on the pedals.


The weight of the bicycle is an essential factor in that it affects how fast you can ride, how easily you can maneuver and move around without exhausting yourself, and how easily you can carry, haul, and store the bike, especially when loading it on your truck bed bike rack, or those fancy roof-mounted bike racks for SUVs.

Here, try to find a good balance between lightweight and sturdiness. Of course, if you’re willing to invest on carbon frames, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Wheel Size

Along with the frame size, you also need to factor in the size of the wheels, since this will also affect the feel and ease of your ride. When it comes to hybrid bikes, most come with 700c wheels, although in various width sizes. These wheels are great in delivering effortless spins even on steep terrains.

Generally speaking, the wider the tires, the more cushioned the ride will feel especially on rough, bumpy roads, while slimmer tires are somewhat faster but with less cushioning.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity refers to how much weight the bicycle can safely accommodate without risking damage or injury. What you have to keep in mind here is that the weight capacity includes both you (the rider), and any cargo you might want to carry along. As such, you have to account for both things before buying a bike.


The bike’s gears are what determines how easily you can tackle various terrains, so choosing the number of gears should be dependent on your riding style and the types of terrains or road conditions you often deal with.

For example, you’ll be fine with a single-speed bike if you’ll mostly be riding on flat, paved roads, but if you’re planning on climbing steep hills, you’ll need the help of as many gears as you can get, in which case an 18 to 27-speed bike may be a good idea. Of course, if you like the exercise of you’re physically fit and in top shape, you can make do with less gears.

sporty woman riding bike in forest


A bike that can go fast is great, but a bike that can stop quickly, safely, and effectively is, in a way, more important. With good hybrid bikes under 200 dollars, you’ll mostly see V-brakes, rim brakes, or disc brakes. The first two types are more economical and require less maintenance, whereas disc brakes offer more stopping power and a consistent overall performance.

One thing you might have to consider here, aside from your budget, is the weather conditions in your location. If you experience a lot of wet weather (rain, snow, slush), it’s a smart idea to invest in disc brakes, since they are safe and efficient even under wet conditions.

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We mentioned earlier that wider tires can give you a more cushioned ride, but what really makes a ride smooth and vibration-free is the suspension system. It’s what absorbs shock and vibration from the road. It also maintains consistent cadence and speed. And, suspension systems are generally affordable and easy to maintain.

The thing is, most hybrid bikes only come with front suspensions and none on the rear, which can be a problem if you really like to rough it up. However, if you will mostly be riding on paved surfaces, you might not need a suspension, which comes with added weight and can make for less efficient pedalling.


In terms of handlebars, hybrid bicycles are famous for their unique, easy to ride, flat handlebars. These help maintain your proper posture while riding, so you’ll feel more comfortable during your ride. That said, if you prefer other riding styles or going for high speeds, you might want to consider a different style of handlebars.

You’ll also want to make sure that the handlebars are fitted with the best mountain bike grips to ensure better control over the bike. Otherwise, consider buying extras online.

Bike Seat

We’ve talked about performance, now let’s move on to comfort. What ultimately makes riding a bicycle comfortable is the bike seat. Choosing a good quality seat can spell the difference between a fun ride and a sore bum, especially if you’ll be doing long distance or touring rides.

Now, there are quite a few things to consider when looking for a good bike seat. For one, it should be adaptable, durable enough that it won’t easily sustain damage and wear, have enough padding that it doesn’t feel stiff but also won’t heat up fast and cause discomfort, and be easily adjustable so that you can adapt the seat to your preferences.


At the end of the day, the stuff that makes riding a bike fun, comfortable, and convenient are the sorts of accessories you add to it. And this is another reason hybrid bicycles are great- they are easily customizable, allowing you to add just about any riding accessory you can think of. For example, you can add racks and carriers to haul your backpack, groceries, picnic items, etc.

You can also install mud guards and fenders to protect yourself and the bike from splashes of water and mud, thus keeping you clean and neat throughout your ride. You can also add decorative elements to enhance the bike’s aesthetics, or upgrade your factory parts to better ones, such as by getting the best bicycle chains on the market.

What’s important here is that the accessories shouldn’t add too much weight to the bike so that it won’t feel cumbersome to ride, and that these accessories should be easy and straightforward to install, and just as easy to remove.


Your journey doesn’t end with buying the bike. You also have to spend time cleaning, fixing it up, and maintaining it every once in a while. If you don’t want to be stuck in your garage for hours on end trying to get your bike to its former glory, look for models that are easy to maintain.

There are certain factors that affect this, such as reduced brake cables, scratch and rust resistant materials, durable paint jobs, easy to remove parts and components, and a simple aesthetic without a lot of nooks and crannies.


Finally, you should also think about how much you’re willing to spend on a bicycle. The good thing about hybrid bikes is that they come in a wide range of price points.

For hybrids, men’s and women’s bicycles can range anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars in cost. If you’re a beginner, you can do fine with bikes under 200 dollars, although if you’ll be riding that bike everyday and in tough conditions, spending a little more for better quality parts will pay off.

Of course, cheaper hybrid bikes under $300 will feature basic components like steel frames and V-brakes, while more expensive options such as hybrid bikes under 1000 dollars will come with higher-end componentry such as carbon frames and disc brakes. At the mid-range, aka hybrids under $500, you’ll get a good mix of basic and high-end parts and accessories.

Hybrid Bikes Under $200 FAQs

What exactly is a hybrid bicycle?

The simple answer is that hybrid bikes are a combination of mountain bikes and road bikes. In other words, hybrid bikes come with unique sets of features that make them suitable for both on and off-road rides.

That said, some hybrid bikes have more mountain-like sensibilities, while others are more like road bikes. Others still come with certain features that you might notice on other bicycle styles.

Does my hybrid bike need suspension?

As we mentioned earlier, some hybrid bikes may need suspension, while some do not. It largely depends on the user’s riding style and the road or trail conditions where he rides. If you will mostly be riding on paved surfaces during daily commutes, for instance, you likely won’t encounter significant bumps on city roads.

However, if you want to take on bike paths, off-road trails, and other bumpy landscapes, having a reliable suspension system will help make the ride more comfortable and less painful, since the suspension absorbs all the vibration and shock from the road.

Are hybrid bikes great for off-roading?

Yes- for the most part, that is. The frame of hybrid bikes are a lot similar to those on mountain bikes, and as such, they are very capable of riding on trails and bike paths. However, it does come with certain limitations.

Unlike actual mountain bikes that can take on any challenge, hybrid bikes can only be ridden on easy to moderately difficult terrains, since the tires on hybrids are unlike those on MTBs, and are not as efficient in handling the rigors of the less-traveled path.

Are hybrid bikes great for touring activities and exercise/ fitness?

Absolutely! One of the many things hybrid bikes are good for is climbing hills with ease, especially if the bike has a lot of gears. There are also hybrid bicycles in single speed configurations, which are ideal for fitness exercises since they require a bit more effort to pedal, especially over hills and slopes.

Can I replace the seat of my hybrid bike with something that is more comfortable for long distance and touring rides?

Yes. Just like any other kind of bicycle, the seats on hybrid bikes are easily replaceable, which means that if you are not satisfied with the stiff factory saddle, you can replace or upgrade it with a better, more high-end, or even custom one from an online shop or a local bike store.


Hybrid bicycles are great for many reasons. They are fun, convenient, comfortable, and versatile. At the end of the day, however, the best hybrid bikes under 200 dollars are those that give you the perfect mobility, speed, and ruggedness for the kinds of riding you like- and of course, all within your budget.