25 Best Bike Brands in the World of 2021

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Whether you’re a beginner cyclist or a professional racer, you deserve to ride the best bike that meets your demands for performance and reliability. This means buying only from well known and reputable bike manufacturers. But, what is the best bike brand?

After all, there are hundreds of different bicycle brands out there- both in the local and international scene. How do you know what the good bike brands are, and what makes them good?

Well, here’s a list of the best bike brands that are not only popular but are sure to satisfy your biker dreams with their mouth-watering bicycle collections.

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25 Best Bike Brands And Manufacturers

Check out this list of the top 10 bike brands in the world this 2021, plus another 15 notable and promising bike brand names in the USA and other countries that offer vast collections of amazing bicycles for every riding style.

A little warning, though. Don’t be surprised if you find familiar favorites further down this list. After all, we are talking about the best brands overall, not the best budget, and many popular bike brands are popular largely because of their bikes’ affordability. Let’s get started:


Nothing beats a cruiser made by Firmstrong. With a focus on quality, comfort, and ease, you get nothing short of perfection, all at an affordable price tag. This California based bike company may be relatively new, going at just over ten years on the market, but their dedication to providing cyclists with full riding experience.

With a guaranteed smooth and easy ride that promises a fun and exciting adventure ahead, it’s easy to see why Firmstrong is ranked so high up in this list of top bike brands. Their bicycles are designed by hand based on the aesthetic and simplistic versatility of classic cruiser bicycles, and this genuine effort has truly paid off.

Their bicycles offer a perfect blend of functionality and style. When you ride a Firmstrong bike, it’s not just a simple commute. You’re sure to enjoy the ride with smooth-rolling wheels on any kind of road or terrain. It’s really all about the journey, not the destination, you know?

  • One of the best cruiser cycle brands
  • Offers simple yet stylish, functional, and low priced bikes
  • A wide variety of adults’ (men and women) and kids’ cruisers
  • Unparalleled customer service


Originally a BMX brand in the late 1970s, California based Diamondback quickly became one of America’s most prominent bike brands due to their bicycles’ quality, performance, a wide range of bike types and styles, and longevity. They sell everything from BMX to mountain, road, hybrid, and even kids’ bicycles.

Diamondback’s corporate history is a little complicated in that they have changed names and ownership several times, such as when they merged with another giant in bike manufacturers, the Raleigh Bicycle Company.

Despite that, Diamondback has continued to flourish, rolling out new models and updating their old ones every year. They even pioneered the innovation of the Knuckle Box suspension in their mountain bikes. These days, Diamondback bikes are primarily sold online and come pre-assembled.

  • One of the best BMX bike brands
  • Known for quality, durability, and affordability
  • Plenty of options from entry-level to high-end bikes
  • Available online and in big box stores


bike brands top 3

Much like Firmstrong, innovative bike maker Sixthreezero is a relatively new kid on the block (by that we mean less than twenty years of existence) that hails from California and exclusively sells beach cruisers, which are highly popular and in-demand under the Californian weather.

It all started as the brainchild of a small group of cycling enthusiast friends who believe that riding a cruiser is a lifestyle choice and a fashion statement- a must-have to enjoy the lovely outdoors, especially in their locality. And from that, the brand grew from a home garage experiment to a legitimate bicycle company that everyone seems to love.

Sixthreezero offers classic cruisers that are sure to perform well and last for a ridiculous amount of time, but they are also a pioneer of unique and hard to find cruiser e-bikes. They even promise a 365-day test ride for all customers who purchase their bikes. If you don’t like what you get, you’re entitled to a free return, no questions asked.

  • Top-rated cruiser bike brand
  • Prides on reliability, durability, comfort, and affordability
  • Nice selection of classic and electric beach cruiser bikes
  • 100% commitment to product quality with a 365-day test ride

Santa Cruz

bike brands top 4

Yet another Californian local is Santa Cruz Bicycles, which has its humble beginnings in a small garage back in the 1990s and is now owned by Pon Holding. This award-winning pioneer in the bicycle industry more than likely inspired many of the up and coming bike brands we see today.

They pride themselves in innovation and efficiency, and this is evident in their use of carbon fiber and aluminum on their bike frames (especially for downhill bikes and hardtails), as well as in their effort to perfect single pivot technology into their now patented Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) that makes riding so much more efficient.

Starting from their first bikes, the Tamzon and the travel Heckler, Santa Cruz now sells 16 mountain bike brands including specialized ones for women and kids, hardtails and full suspension bicycles, and even sports and cross country bikes. These bicycles are big on green energy, are highly convenient to ride downhill, and are sure to exceed your expectations.

  • One of the most high-end bike brands
  • Boasts of revolutionary, state of the art, and efficient bikes
  • Sells a sizeable collection of different bike types
  • Commitment to green energy and riding convenience


bike brands top 5

The oldest surviving bicycle company in the entire world is Bianchi, with well over a hundred years of successful operations in pioneering, innovating, and selling world-class bikes. Bianchi is notable for many things- aside from being widely regarded as the father of the safety cycle, they also made the first modern bike, the first BMX bike, and the first mountain bike.

Bianchi even made the first front brake in the early 1910s, and since then, has continuously been at the frontlines of innovation in the biking world. This company based in Milan, Italy, prides itself on top of the line bicycles that have won in major cycling events and competitions throughout several decades.

And, the bicycles that they deliver, whether it be a typical mountain bike, a sleek hybrid bike, a high-end racer, a modern electric bike, or even a children’s bike, each ride is a clear reflection of the brand’s heritage and quality.

  • Grandfather of the international cycling arena
  • Far superior in terms of heritage, quality, and price
  • Medium to high end racers, mountain, road, and hybrid bikes
  • A well rounded blend of heritage and innovation


bike brands top 6

One of the best bike brands on this list in terms of versatility and flexibility is Vilano, what with their vast selection of different bike types that is specially designed for riders of various riding styles and disciplines.

As such, you are almost always guaranteed to find a Vilano bike for any kind of riding, whether it’s road or mountain. Looking for a hybrid or a folding bike? Not a problem! Their bicycles even come in a variety of bike frame sizes to accommodate all types of riders.

Vilano even designs top-quality bicycle parts, so your ride works amazingly well, and once your trusted ride needs a new leash on life, you don’t ever have to settle for generic factory ones when looking for a replacement or an upgrade. With over twelve years of dominating the market, you know you can rely on a Vilano bike to get you to places.

  • Best known for superior quality bike parts
  • An all-time favorite for durability, sturdiness, and cost-effectiveness
  • Vast selections of color bicycles for every bike type
  • Available online (in Amazon and on vilanobikes.com)


bike brands top 7

An old-timer in the biking world is Tommaso, initially a road bike brand when it was founded in 1985. It’s one of the best bicycle brands for beginners all around the world thanks to the designers’ commitment to making their bikes as easy to ride and as affordable as possible.

Tommaso bikes are engineered in Italy then exported to America where the bicycles are assembled in Colorado. What you then receive is a fully assembled bike that you can ride on the road right out of the box. These bikes were initially made with stainless steel frames, but nowadays they feature lightweight yet durable aluminum bodies.

These bicycle frames are so reliable that the company even offers a full Tommaso warranty for them. In fact, you can tell just how satisfying Tommaso bikes are to ride once you realize that a big percentage of Tommaso bike riders are the company’s own employees. If that’s not a reflection of the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction, we don’t know what is.

  • Most popular bike brand for beginner cyclists
  • Focus on ease of use, weight, and affordability
  • Impeccable line of road, track, fixie, triathlon, and cyclocross bikes
  • Full Tommaso frame warranty for road bikes


bike brands top 8

The Giant company, an aptly named giant when it comes to bike brands, started as a manufacturer of bicycle frames for other brands before they finally released their first own model a full nine years after the company was founded in 1972.

After this first release, Taiwan-based Giant started to engineer, manufacture, and sell their own bicycles, as well as led at least two major tech advances in the cycling industry. These include the very first mass production of carbon frames on a road bike, and then a compact geometry road bike with a small rear triangle and a sloped top tube a decade later.

The company then started to garner awards for their revolutionary designs, such as incorporating Maestro suspension and revolutionizing the capabilities of off-road bicycles. They also successfully launched the Liv/Giant cycling brand, which is focused on female riders. These women-oriented bikes hoarded lots of awards as well.

  • Known for making their bicycles in-house from conceptualization to finishing
  • Designs revolutionary rides made with top quality raw build materials
  • Wide collection of road, mountain, and spinner bikes
  • Award-winning bicycles for women


bike brands top 9

Also known as SAVA, Germany based Savadeck is a very popular bicycle brand that manufactures and sells a wide array of bikes. They offer everything from mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, and e-bikes.

What’s really surprising is that even though they are fairly new to the scene since the brand was founded just in 2005, Savadeck has quickly become one of the best electric bike brands today. Trust us, you’ll fall in love with their top-rated bikes that come in the highest quality finishes.

This is primarily because the brand is committed to using only the highest quality materials in their bicycles, including superior bike parts from select well-known bike parts manufacturers such as Shimano, so you are guaranteed the best value for money bikes when you buy.

  • Popular for using high-quality bicycle parts
  • Promises quality and value for money
  • Sells a wide array of different types of bicycles
  • Available online (in Amazon and on savadeck-bike.com)


bike brands top 10

If you are looking for the best bike brands for kids, look no further- Strider is the name to go. This bike name makes some of the best kids’ bikes that are guaranteed to let your little ones have fun, enjoy the outdoors, learn how to pedal, and come to love riding a bike.

Whatever kind of children’s bicycle you have in mind, Strider has a nice selection of kids’ bikes for all ages, sizes, and genders. They sell everything from play bikes for toddlers, balance bikes with an extra set of wheels, kids sized road and mountain bikes, and more. These bikes are made with sturdy and high-quality materials and are meant to last for a long time.

Strider also offers a limited selection of adult bikes for beginner riders (yes, there are full-sized balanced bikes for adults who don’t know how to ride), but their main focus and raison d’etre are bicycles for kids. With over two million bikes sold since the company launch, you know Strider bikes are something you can rely on.

  • Best kids bike brand
  • Popular for quality, sturdiness, and longevity
  • Great selection of kids’ (and adult) bikes
  • Available online (on Amazon and on striderbikes.com)


bike brands top 11

Aside from Bianchi, one of the oldest existing bike brands worldwide is Fuji Bikes, a Japan-based bicycle company founded in the late 1890s. The company has been around for more than a hundred years thanks to its consistent innovation, a positive mentality to change, and passing down a great philosophy down several generations.

The secret to making Fuji’s cutting edge bikes lies in gaining and taking advantage of knowledge from top athletes to make bicycles with superior performance and advanced technological features. That, and their ability to thrive and flourish under pressure, overcoming mountains and always landing on top.

In the beginning, Fuji Bikes developed touring bikes and titanium frames, before eventually manufacturing mountain, road, and hybrid bikes that were retailed in the United States under popular brands such as Montgomery Wards and Sears & Roebuck.

  • Member of the Advances Sports International brand
  • Focus on innovation and philosophy
  • Manufactures road, mountain, hybrid, and touring bikes


bike brands top 12

Around the same time that Fuji Bikes was founded, Huffy also came into existence all the way on the other side of the globe in Dayton, Ohio. The company’s success all these years primarily has to do with their bikes’ versatility and the competitive price tags they come with.

The Huffy name caters to a wide riding audience, primarily those on a tight budget but are looking for a good quality bike that performs well and lasts for a decent amount of time. It’s why Huffy is well recommended for beginners who want to get into cycling without bleeding thousands of dollars on riding gear.

The best part? Huffy sells just about every kind of bike out there. They’ve got a sizable collection of bicycles under different categories, including road, mountain, and hybrid, and they also make bikes specifically for men, women, and kids.

  • Popular entry level/ budget bicycle brand
  • Trademark of versatility and affordability
  • Wide collection of road, hybrid, and mountain bikes


bike brands top 13

While they’re not exclusively a bicycle company, Retrospec is easily one of the more popular bike brands out there. This is because Retrospec specializes in designing and manufacturing road bikes, hybrid bikes, and commuter bikes that are as durable as bikes can get.

Apart from a durable construction, Retrospec bikes also come with a cheap price tag, another reason why they are so popular. These bikes make up a huge percentage of Retrospec products and are available in different styles for men, women, and children.

As a matter of fact, Retrospec is arguably one of the best road bicycle brands for beginner and mid-level cyclists looking for an affordable but long-lasting bicycle that they can ride to hell and back. They are also a familiar favorite for other biking, sports, and outdoor needs, such as mountain bike shorts, MTB knee pads, and bike gloves.

  • Well rounded biking and outdoor sports brand
  • Popular for versatility, durability, and affordability
  • Wide array of road, commuter, and hybrid bikes


bike brands top 14

Trek Bikes has a highly successful albeit somewhat confusing history in the fifty-plus years they have been operating in the US and abroad. Originally, the Trek Bicycle Corporation started with building mid-range and high-end bicycles in Wisconsin, with a few top of the line bicycles being manufactured overseas.

This was how Trek Bikes made a name for themselves, and this name was one to remember when it comes to craftsmanship, quality, and work ethic. In fact, Trek has largely become synonymous with reliability, value, and performance.

However, the company started to shift its focus into mass-producing affordable bicycles, wherein they managed to saturate the American market. There’s now a wide abundance of overseas-manufactured Trek bikes in various styles, types, and price points to cater to the average American rider.

  • One of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the US
  • Prides in performance, reliability, versatility, and value
  • Offers a full range of bikes for all types of riders

Add Motor

bike brands top 15

Going by the name alone, you can probably tell that this company primarily focuses on motorcycles and motorcycle parts. And, well, you’re not wrong. Add Motor initially exclusively designed motor parts for their niche market.

In recent years, however, Add Motor decided to branch out and enter the world of electric bicycles. The company has since invested lots of time and resources into this new-found focus, and all that effort paid off.

Upon switching their focus from motorcycles to electric bikes, the company gained newfound success in producing the best electric bikes worldwide. These e-bikes are simple yet classy and come packed with amazing features. Who knows what Add Motors has in store for us next?

  • One of the best eclectic bike brands
  • Laser-like focus on innovation and technological advancement
  • Exclusively sells e-bikes (and motorcycle parts)

Pure Cycles

bike brands top 16

Pure Cycles may be a pre-teen in a world of biking giants, but with over 25,000 bikes sold every year, it’s clear that this Los Angeles based company has been dominating the market, all thanks to its commitment to making bicycles that are simple and affordable without compromising on quality and performance.

That’s just it. Pure Cycles’ bikes are simple, feather-light, easy to ride, and oh-so-comfy that everyone can’t help but have one. Not to mention, bicycles come in fantastic designs with vibrant color schemes.

What’s really interesting is that the company was the brainchild of four college students looking to own their own bikes that are basic and easy enough to ride and don’t come with ridiculous price tags. Eventually, they decided to just build their own, and the now highly popular fixed-gear bicycles were born. Today, Pure Cycles carries nine different lines of bicycles.

  • Most comfortable fixie bike brand
  • Delivers on quality, style, comfort, and price
  • Nine bicycle lines including the original Pure Fix design


bike brands top 17

One of the top mountain bike brands in the world is Salsa Cycles, which started its roots in California all the way back in 1982, then eventually moved to Minnesota. Somewhere along the way, the company was sold to Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), which became Salsa’s main supplier of bike parts and accessories.

While well designed and engineered mountain bikes are the brand’s bread and butter, they also make some of the most unique fat bikes and the best fat bike fenders in the US. [Click here to know more about what is fat biking] Among their vast products list include touring bikes, road bikes, and CX bikes.

All of these bicycles live by the company’s mission of inspiring adventure by bike, as well as catering to the growing number of winter cycling enthusiasts in Minnesota. Salsa even introduced carbon flat tires for this very reason. They also sell other biking accessories such as pedals and bike bottle holders.

  • One of the best mountain bike companies
  • Promise on quality engineering and design
  • Large selection of mountain, road, touring, and fat bikes


bike brands top 18

With a reputation for quality, reliability, and affordability in their world-class bikes, along with a commendable resiliency and an unyielding pride to their name, long-standing bicycle manufacturer Schwinn launched itself as an industry leader and a household name.

While the Chicago based company has a complicated and long winding history with many ups and downs, it has continued to flourish as the Schwinn name is carried by various retailers that sell Schwinn bikes. Up to this day, the name remains to connote value and reliability.

You can find lots of different innovative riding solutions for fitness bike riding, as well as great quality mountain bikes made by Schwinn. The entry-level and mid-range bikes are readily available in various big box stores, while the more signature items can be found in select retailers within the country.

  • One of the oldest major makers of industry leading bikes
  • Popularity in the name of reliability, longevity, and value for money
  • Diverse selection of fitness and mountain bikes


bike brands top 19

If you’re looking for the history of mountain biking, you’re likely to come across the name Marin, a California based bicycle brand that was founded to address the growing interest in off-road cycling as early as 1986. An interesting trivia, the company’s name hails from Marin County, where Mount Tamalpais is located and is also where competitive mountain biking all began.

Marin grew and grew fast. In just two years after its inception, it quickly became a leader in the industry as it mass-produced revolutionary titanium bicycles that were lightweight, affordable, and readily available.

They also launched many other bicycle types with varying degrees of success, such as hybrid bikes, road bikes, city bikes, and full-suspension mountain bikes. All of these are a reflection of Northern Californian culture and are sure to meet your cycling demands, whether it’s a simple leisure ride or one for the books.

  • Revolutionary mountain bike company
  • Dedication to authenticity, culture, and rider satisfaction
  • Versatile line of mountain, road, hybrid, and city bikes

Felt Bicycles

bike brands top 20

You can probably tell by now that most American bicycle companies started in California, and this one’s no different. Felt Bicycles, named after the company’s founder Jim Felt, has a complex corporate history, but it continues to make and sell bicycles both for the domestic and the international market.

Felt may pop and drop from the scene every now and then, even changing ownership a couple of times, but the quality of their bicycles have never been compromised. In fact, the brand managed to build a reputation as their bikes continue to win in cycling competitions and triathlons, thanks to the ride’s responsiveness, aerodynamics, and overall efficiency.

Whether it’s a mountain, road, cruiser, BMX, cyclocross, triathlon, time trial, or electric bike, you can be sure that it will be light, stiff, and packed with awesome features such as advanced carbon frames, ultra-smooth suspension systems, and technologically advanced forks, giving the rider better speed and control, and an overall ideal ride.

  • One of the best all around bicycle brands
  • Commitment to developing the entire bicycle in-house
  • Impressive catalog of a wide range of bike types


bike brands top 21

An interesting player, and widely regarded as the maker of some of the world’s lightest and fastest professional-quality bicycles for road, triathlon, and track, Cervelo sticks to its promise of designing and making the world’s fastest bicycles. It’s no wonder that a Cervelo bike is a crowd favorite in popular competitions like Tour de France and Ironman.

Sure, the bike may come with outrageous prices, but you can just think of that as a worthy investment in return for riding the best climbing bike out on the market. Cervelo bikes are top of the line monster machines born with a racing pedigree. So, really, what you’re paying for is not just any bike- you’re paying for the prestige and the winner’s trophy.

This wild dream and lots of useful knowledge in human-powered vehicles, along with an early focus on time trial and triathlon bikes, are what made Cervelo founders so successful despite not having been around the riding scene for that long.

  • Most prestigious road racing and triathlon bike brand
  • Reputation on making the fastest bikes in the world
  • Impressive line of tri, track, and road bikes


bike brands top 22

Anyone and everyone knows or has heard of Raleigh, and for good reason. Aside from the mere fact that they’ve been around for more than a hundred years, the company’s commitment to producing only good quality bikes really cemented their place in the industry and gave them a solid consumer base.

As a matter of fact, Raleigh bikes, made and sold by the Raleigh Cycle Company, have been in high demand as early as 1913, and that demand never really went down, which is the reason why you still see lots of Raleigh bicycles today.

The company, however, has been making calculated efforts to branch out and enter other related markets. So far, Raleigh has managed to launch successful lines of motorcycles and three-wheeled bicycles, although their main focus still lies with conventional bikes.

  • One of the most well-known and established cycling brands
  • Steadfast commitment to quality production
  • Diverse collection of bikes, motorcycles, and tricycles


bike brands top 23

Founded by two friends in the Pacific Northwest in 1988, Kona is the first-ever company that successfully produced straight leg mountain bike forks. This claim to fame is now being made in ten different variations for various sizes of mountain and asphalt bikes.

Now, unlike many other bicycle companies out there, what’s really commendable about Kona is that it remains at the hands of its original founders who continue to successfully run the company’s operations.

Plus, while their original focus was on mountain bikes, they managed to successfully branch out and now offer a full range of different bike styles, such as road and cyclocross bikes, and more recently, hardtail mountain bikes and cyclocross racers with carbon bike frames. Their bikes come anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of thousands depending on quality.

  • First to produce straight leg forks for mountain bikes
  • Undying pride to brand identity
  • Full range of mountain, road, and cyclocross bikes

Critical Cycles

bike brands top 24

Banking on the trend of fixed gear bikes, Critical Cycles made a fortune pretty much as soon as the company was launched back in 2009. Their signature is affordable fixie bikes with steel frames, which continues to make a mark in the cycling market.

This Californian brand maintains a laser-like focus to its goal of producing the best quality, most flexible, and cheapest bicycle options for everyday commuters. As such, Critical Cycles bikes are practical, minimalistic, and smooth- everything that their customer base needs. These bikes are affordable without compromising on performance.

These days, the brand offers a nice line of not only fixed gear bikes, but also some of the best urban city bikes and commuter bikes, and even single speed and folding bikes perfect for recreational cyclists, daily commuters, and anyone who wants to tackle different terrains.

  • Best known fixie bicycle brand name
  • Focus on quality and affordability
  • Specialty on fixie, single speed, and folding bikes


bike brands top 25

Last but not least on this list is Giordano. Through a steadfast mandate to blend the Italian traditions and history of cycling with all the latest technological advancements in everything biking related, New Jersey-based cycling company Giordano slowly but surely paved its own way to success.

The company has become a well-loved supplier of great entry-level bicycles for cycling enthusiasts. They sell everything from road bikes, lifestyle bikes, specialty bikes, and hybrid bikes, with a particular affinity to road bikes that come in various styles for beginners, casual riders, and pro cyclists.

They even sell biking accessories including some of the best full-face mountain bike helmets. But, if there’s one thing that the brand is really committed to, however, it’s in making sure that their bikes are 100% safe to ride.

  • One of the best road bike brands
  • Strong commitment to road safety and catering to the average cyclists
  • Well rounded selection of road, hybrid, specialty, kids’, and single speed bikes

How To Find The Best Bike For You

There may be lots of great bicycle brands out there, but at the end of the day, what’s more important is that you choose a bicycle that actually fits your specific needs and budget. Here are some questions you should ask yourself so you can make sure you choose the right bike for you:

What’s your skill level?

Are you just starting to learn how to ride a bike, or have you been riding one for years? Are you physically fit, or do you have certain conditions that make riding difficult? Do you know how to make use of different speed gears? Are you a professional cyclist?

Where do you ride?

Location and terrain are important. Do you often ride around paved roads, or over bare soil in parks and trails? Are the roads and paths normally dry and dusty, or are they wet with rain or snow? Are they flat and level, or bumpy and with lots of ups and downs?

What riding style do you prefer?

Are you an everyday commuter, or a recreational cyclist? Do you prefer riding on the road, or off-road? Do you like to go on cross country rides? Do you fancy participating in biking competitions? Love pulling off stunts and tricks?

How would you describe yourself?

Even your physical attributes need to be factored in. Are you tall or short? Do you have endless legs? Are you on the bulky side? Do you have wide hips? Are your palms always sweaty? How old are you? Are you a kid, a middle-aged adult, or a elder person?

What’s your budget?

Finally, how much can you/ are you willing to spend on a bicycle? Are you cash strapped and looking for an affordable ride that will give you good value for your money? Do you have thousands to spend on some high-end gear?


That’s it! Those are the 25 best bike brands that are established in the industry, known for producing quality, and offering the best in terms of performance, reliability, and cost. Found the right brand for you?

If not, well, don’t you worry. There are lots of great bicycle manufacturers in the US and all around the globe, so you are sure to find a bike maker that caters to your specific type of riding style and the kinds of terrains you like to ride on, whether it’s a simple commute or a track race.

Do keep in mind that when searching for a bicycle brand, focus on the ones that specialize in the kind of bikes you’re interested in. For example, if you want to purchase a great quality mountain bike, don’t go for a hybrid bike maker, and vice versa.

Moreover, don’t forget to check out your local custom bike shops. They may sell their bikes at higher prices, but the bike you’ll get is more than worth the extra price. After all, it’s made just for you.