Best Bike Seats For Women – Comfortable Women’s Bike Saddles

Did you know that one of the biggest causes of pain and discomfort for women cyclists, especially for beginners, is the saddle? But, who said you have to suffer for so long? What if we tell you that there are saddles designed for women’s comfort, which can eliminate the discomfort?

One thing that most people overlook when buying a bicycle is the saddle- more specifically, whether it’s comfortable enough for long distance rides. Most bike seats can work fine for a short amount of time, but what about those female cyclists that spend most of their day bike riding?

Finding the right saddle can be a little difficult, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Some cyclists take a long time to figure out the right bike seat for them. So, to save time, we have come up with a list of bike seats for women. These saddles are very comfortable to sit on and are specifically designed for women cyclists.


Top 10 Women’s Bike Seats

In this article, we featured a different kind of bike seat from different brands that are sure to be the best choices for women cyclists. So, here is the list of the 15 most comfortable bike seats for women, including the names and each of the bike seats’ outstanding qualities:

Bikeroo Large Bike Seat Cushion

Every biker deserves to have some peace of mind when it comes to keeping his investment safe. This Pro Bike Tool Torque Wrench Set is one of the best torque sets you can find online. You can rely on it when it comes to accuracy and multiple functions.

What we love the most about this bike torque wrench set is its ease of use. You don’t want to end up spending so much time just figuring out how to use your torque wrench for the first time, right? So, even if it is your first time fixing your bike, you can surely figure out how to use every tool in this set.

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  • With a click feature which reminds user once torque setting is reached
  • Can be used in clockwise and counterclockwise motion
  • Comes in a protective case for bits and wrench
  • With interchangeable ratchet head

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle

Women’s Bike Seats Top 2

Riding your bike is an excellent exercise, because you can enjoy nature while staying fit. But most of the time, bicycle seats make female cyclists feel uncomfortable. But, with this Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle, you never have to endure the pain your cheap bike seat brings you.

This padded bike seat has a measurement of 10 ½ “ x 10 ½ “ that offers an automatic relief design with a dual density cushioning made with gel foam, which gives additional comfort. It’s among the best padded bike seats made with soft gel foam designed and the comfiest materials. This bike seat that’s not only comfortable but also gives you support.

This wide bike seat also has an underside suspension made of chrome coil spring, which allows you to have a smoother bike riding experience even with bumps on uneven terrains. And, it also has a universal design that is easy to install on regular seat posts. If you like a smooth and comfy bike ride, then try this Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle.

  • Offers chrome coil spring suspension
  • Features dual-density foam cushion
  • Large but also lightweight
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Offers great support
  • A flexible width

BLUEWIND Memory Foam Bike Seat

Women’s Bike Seats Top 3

If you are looking for the most comfortable bike seat for women that has a high-density memory foam that features a durable and waterproof leather material, then go for the BLUEWIND Memory Foam Bike seat. It’s a kind of bike seat that gives you an extra layer of comfort and also features a dual shock-absorbing ball, which helps you feel comfy even on bumpy roads.

Do you ever feel annoyed and uncomfortable with a bike seat that is rubbing and binding on your thighs while bike riding? Then this best bike seat might do the trick. The frontal area of this bike seat has a smooth texture and narrower than a usual bicycle seat. This also has a central concave shape, which offers comfort in your backside. 

This bike seat also has a “Double Anti-Vibration” rubber ball that makes it better than the other older and cheaper bike seats. With good elasticity, flexible, tough, and durable, what more can you ask for? This bike seat has it all.

  • Offers a high-density memory foam
  • Allows you to climb comfortably
  • Smooth and narrow front-side
  • Has 2 shock absorbers
  • Eye-catching design

Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat

Women’s Bike Seats Top 4

If you are looking for a bike seat that has thick padding along with a superior spring elastomer suspension, then you might want the Bikeroo Oversized Comfort Bike Seat. This padded bike seat is high resistance, which will keep you extra comfy during an adventure with your bike. A bike seat that will avoid soreness and pain? Yes, please!

The Bikeroo Oversized Comfort bike seat has an elastic elastomer spring that avoids deformation caused by extreme bike ridings. Therefore, it is debatable that this is one of the best bike seats for women. Say goodbye to pain and uneasiness while cycling with Bikeroo.

This padded bike seat has an extra-wide profile to make female cyclists feel comfy even after long hours of bike riding on rough and bumpy terrain. This ergonomic saddle will enhance your riding experience. Why settle for less if there is a saddle that can give you comfort while bike riding?

  • Comes with mounting tools and instructions
  • Includes a foam replacement
  • Offers a water-proof cover
  • Great gift for loved ones
  • Universal saddle mount

Bikeroo Bike Seat Cushion for Men and Women

Women’s Bike Seats Top 5

The thickly padded cushion with dual-suspension makes the Bikeroo Bike Seat cushion one of the best bike seats that fits both men and women this 2021. This women’s bike seat cushion is designed for your comfort regardless of the type of bicycle you own. This bike seat also has a universally fitting saddle mount to give you the best bike riding experience.

Normally, a rock-hard bike seat will make your bike riding uncomfortable, so why settle for less if there is a bike saddle that will give you the comfort you need and deserve? Once you ride with this bike seat, you will almost feel like you are sitting on a marshmallow, and your bike riding will never be the same.

With its simple and straightforward installation guide, you can install this bike seat without breaking a sweat. This padded bike seat even comes with the tools that are needed for mounting, with a saddle adapter, and a waterproof rain cover.

  • Easy installation and suitable for any types of bicycle
  • Features thick cushion and dual spring suspension
  • Best option for women
  • Wide Saddle Design
  • Rugged Structure
  • Affordable

Pioneeryao Professional Bicycle Bike Seat Gel Bike Saddle

Women’s Bike Seats Top 6

If you are looking for a bike seat that is designed to soothe the sweat and heat during long cycling sessions, then this breathable bike seat that is hollow in the middle might be the one for you. The Pioneeryao Professional Bicycle seat gel bike saddle can also protect night bike riders with its reflective patches that mirror the light surroundings.

This bike seat’s pad is made with high-elasticity and high-density foam and gel. It’s a sturdy yet comfortable bike seat that allows you to have fun while bike riding without experiencing any discomfort. This padded bike seat is also suitable for indoor cycling and spins classes.

Who does not like a bicycle seat that is comfortable and can support your body even after long hours of bike riding and made not only for comfort of women but also for men?  Check out the Pioneeryao Professional Bicycle seat now if you find bicycle seats for women like this interesting.

  • With cold hose that reflects ambient light
  • Comes with holes of air circulation
  • Helps relieve pain and pressure
  • Can install and mount easily
  • Made with artificial fat gel

Cloud-9 Comfort Gel Saddle Ladies’

Women’s Bike Seats Top 7

The Cloud-9 Comfort Gel Saddles is a bike seat for women that comes with multi-stage memory foam and distributes the weight of your body evenly for a more comfy bike riding experience. This bike seat will give you the best bike riding experience you will ever have and will help you to avoid any discomfort while cycling.

With this padded bike seat, no bumpy and rough road can hinder your awesome bike riding experience, because it is designed to absorb the vibrations on the road that may cause discomfort. This may look like an unimportant feature but it helps to make bike riding more comfy. It also has a tough protective bumper, which shows how high-quality it is.

Usually, numbness and pain in your feet and lower legs (or toes during or after bike riding) is caused by a cheap-quality bike seat. With this regard, the Cloud-9 bike seat is designed based on anatomic relief and avoids any discomfort. So, check this out if you are tired of pain and discomfort after long hours of bike riding.

  • Made with waterproof, rugged materials
  • Allows you to climb easily
  • Large yet lightweight
  • Features steel rails
  • Wide saddle

Zacro Gel Bike Saddle – BS053

Women’s Bike Seats Top 8

How can you enjoy bike riding and a full body workout if you are not comfortable in your bike seat? Do not torture yourself and treat yourself with this Zacro Gel Bike Saddle. This bicycle seat for women will give you the comfort your body deserves.

This bicycle saddle is made with refined and top-quality materials and it also has high-elastic foam within that makes your riding experience even better. It also has a flexible function, and it can fit every model of bike.

This padded bike seat has a thick and soft saddle, designed for a softer and more comfortable experience. The best part is, you only need a wrench to install this bike seat, which is very convenient and not time-consuming. It is also a water-proof and dust-proof seat cover. With the Zacro Gel bike saddle, you do not have to endure pain while bike riding.

  • Made with good materials that brings comfort
  • Features an excellent shock absorption
  • Dense, elastic, and soft
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Moderate thick saddle

Selle SMP TRK Lady Cycling Saddle

Women’s Bike Seats Top 9

The Selle SMP TRK Lady bike saddle is made for women who spend most of their time cycling, whether on training or commuting on the way to work. It gives maximum breathability that can handle heavy sweating.

This best bike seat for women has a form that helps increase the flow of the blood and distributes the weight of the body evenly, which avoids soreness and numbness when bike riding. It also features a Vacuum Tech cover that gives durability and comfort, as well as a soft polyurethane padding that makes you comfortable even after long hours of sitting and biking.

Moreover, this female bike seat has a unique saddle that has a nose in beak shape, which acts like a flat base and offers excellent support while sitting after long climbs. This saddle also gives better support on thighs while bike riding, which is a huge plus.

  • Made with women that have wide hip bones
  • Built with durable synthetic sheath
  • Comfy and softer cushion
  • Allows air to circulate
  • Features steel rails
  • Works nicely

DAWAY C66 Leather Road/ Mountain Bicycle Saddle

Women’s Bike Seats Top 10

Last but definitely not the least, the DAWAY C66 Leather Saddle is the most comfortable mountain bike seat for ladies that’s made with high-elasticity and high-density foam. It is also waterproof and convenient for mountain bike riding. With this, you can feel comfortable with its very soft materials made for the comfort of your buttocks, and enjoy bike riding to the fullest.

With this road bike seat, you never have to worry about heavy rains and night bike riding because it comes with five pieces of bright LED lights that are waterproof and it’s powered by a battery that is also included once you buy the bike seat.

This bike seat design allows freely moving thighs and won’t rub your thigh, which is annoying for some people. With this most comfortable bike seat, you do not have to feel pressure on your private part area and a sweaty backside.

  • With hollow groove that allows air circulation
  • Comes with 5 bright LED lights
  • No sweat installment
  • Eye catching design
  • Perfect for long trips
  • Narrow front design

How To Find The Best Women’s Bike Seat

female students studying in coffeeshop

Before choosing a women’s bike seat cushion, you have to consider a lot of things first to identify which is the perfect one for you. You have to consider the quality, price, and rating of the product, for starters. You also have to consider the shape of the bike seat, because the comfiness of each shape varies from person to person.

The product ratings are the most honest insight about the bike seat you can get, so do not take that for granted. Of course, your budget should also be considered. Look for a product that offers an excellent and comfortable cushion that will help you avoid pain even after long hours of bike riding. To help you out, we have listed a few things to consider before buying a bike seat.

Bike Seat Fit

As we all know, bicycle seats come in a variety of widths, and all of them are designed to avoid pain on the pelvis and backside area of a bike rider. If you are tired of looking for a perfect saddle for you just to find out that it isn’t the best fit for you, then fitting professionally would be the best option. Every bike seat company has a device that measures sit bones.

Tip: Get a Professional Fit

If you are still experiencing discomfort while sitting on your bike seat even after testing different kinds of bike seats, then you might consider seeking help from those who fits professionally. A professional bike fitting will measure your sit bones, which helps you to get the exact measurement. It will also help to alleviate the pain you are feeling.

Riding Style

Road bike seats are typically v-shaped, which gives us a longer nose and a comfy seating area. Meanwhile, cross-country mountain bike seats have a similar seating area but have a T-shape to allow the rider to position themselves forward for hard climbings.

Enduro, gravity, and trail bike seats are mostly v-shaped, have edges that are rounded, and a nose that is shorter, which allows the bike rider to move easily on the saddle but without hooking the shorts, while a saddle that is designed for women usually has a nose that is shorter.

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Personal Anatomy

To find the best bike seat for you, you have to consider how your body reacts first to your current saddle and see what works and what doesn’t. Think carefully about the things you are not fond of with your current bike seat and where the pain you are usually feeling is.

For instance, if there is a pain in your sit bones, then a bike seat that is wider would help you. If your genital area hurts, then consider a bike seat with a bigger cut-out.


Bike paddings are the essence of bike seats, and choosing the right padding will save you from the uneasiness you are feeling while bike riding. For bike racers, it is advisable to choose a bike seat that has fewer paddings to save weight.

For casual bike riders, an extra layer of padding would be the best option to stop the soreness in your sit bones even after long hours of bike riding. The right padding would take away your pain.

Cushion Type

Cushions are one of the essential parts of a bike seat. When choosing a bike seat, you have to be mindful of the type and thickness of the cushion that would suit you the best.

Usually, the cushions are made of either foam or gel, which both give the comfort and support you need. Gel cushions offer you exquisite comfort, yet foam paddings give stronger support than gel paddings.

To learn more, read this article on how bike saddles are made.

Cut Out Groove: Yes or No?

Most bicycle riders prefer a bike seat with a cutout to prevent soft tissues from being pressured while bike riding. These saddle channels are typically gender-specific, since the pelvis of a man has a v-shaped, whereas women’s pelvis has u-shape. Regardless, a bike seat that has the right cutout for you will give you the flexibility that will avoid pain while bike riding.

Actual Feel

Some bike seat manufacturers are considerate about the fact that trying out your chosen bike seat before spending your hard-earned cash is a must to know if the bike seat fits your needs or not. Meaning, some of these manufacturers allow you to try out the bike seat for a decent amount of time before committing to your purchase. This is great for obvious reasons.

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A high-quality bike seat comes at an expensive price. You will get what you pay for. But, these prices are only a great investment for those people who enter a bike racing competition, or cyclists that usually have long adventures with their bicycles.  But for a bicycle rider that only uses their bike for casual rides, then an average price bike seat will work fine.

You also have to consider what materials are used to rationalize the price. For instance, real leather is more expensive than the faux leather and synthetic material. Also, expensive bike seats usually have an inner carbon layer, which makes them lighter and absorbs vibration that is caused by uneven terrains or roads.

Check Your Sitting Position

If you feel uncomfortable with your bike, your saddle may not be the only reason behind the discomfort. You also have to consider different factors before jumping to a conclusion and spending your hard-earned money on a bike seat that does not fit you. For instance, you have to consider if your bike seat is at a wrong angle or if the handlebar is too deep or too great.

It is also important to be mindful of your sitting posture because that might be the culprit. Wriggling on your bike seat while riding can be an indicator that it is not positioned correctly, which may also be another reason.

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Saddle Angle

The simplest issue to solve is the bike seat’s angle. You must always keep in mind that your bike seat should have the same level with your back, nose, and height. If you feel uncomfortable in that situation, then adjusting the bike seat’s nose lower will help.  But you also cannot lower it extensively because you want to be able to sit – not to slide – in those.

It is also easier and simpler to adjust the height by just loosening the bolts located under the bike seat.  Check under the bike seat, if there is a bolt, try to loosen it, then move the bike seat based on your desired location, and re-tighten it by adjusting the bolt. Consider this first before concluding that your bike seat is the reason behind your uneasiness during bike riding.

two female friends pushing bike


Is the saddle size important?

Yes. Considering that every one of us weighs differently and has different hip sizes, the bike seat’s size should always be considered first before buying a bike seat because it is the one that is responsible for guaranteeing comfort. Try to take note of your size and build first to have a best-fit bike seat for you.

Should I buy a women’s specific bike seat?

It depends. Since women have delicate parts that have soft tissues, a typical bike seat will have a huge impact on your comfort and will have a huge impact on your sensitive parts and health. Pay attention to the bike seat’s design between women and men. To help you maintain good health while long bike riding, choose the right bike seat that will protect your sensitive areas.

Does more padding mean more comfort?

Not really. You must keep in mind that a thick cushion does not always mean comfortable. Sometimes cushion might be the villain on the uneasiness you are feeling. Too much padding brings you problems, which includes general discomfort, chafing, and bike seat sores.


The bike seat plays a huge role for bicycle riders to have an enjoyable bike riding experience. Bike riders spend most of the time sitting on it, after all. So looking for a bike seat that best fits your preference and comfort would be a huge help for you.

It is advisable to compare each bike seat for ladies that will give you the comfort you need while bike riding. Remember, a women’s bike saddle should give comfort and should also be lightweight. It also has to have a good quality cushion and padding for smoother bike riding.

Designs and shapes are also important things you should take a look at. Because these are among the main factors of either being uncomfortable or comfortable. Some bike seats have gel cushions, and some have foam. Both types of cushions are great, but you have to choose the best type that will fit you.

So, there you go with a list of bike seats for women to help you out.