What is a Hybrid Bike – Full and Easy Explanation

There are over 10 types of bikes available in the market. Each one has its own pros and cons and the hybrid bike gets the best features of two popular bicycle types. So, what is a hybrid bike exactly? The easiest explanation is that it’s a combination of a mountain bike and a road bike.

But what is a road bike? And what is a mountain bike? A road bike is built for speed and is designed for riding on smooth pavements. Meanwhile, the mountain bike is made to withstand rough trails and bumpy roads. What’s a hybrid bike look like then? We’ve elaborated the details of a hybrid bike and how it compares to road and mountain bikes.


Hybrid Bike Features

You might be wondering what’s the difference between a hybrid and a mountain bike or the difference between a road bike and a hybrid? Here’s a breakdown of the features of a hybrid bicycle:


Most hybrids have a flat handlebar, which is the same as that of a mountain bike. It’s not common to find hybrid bikes under 300 with drop bars similar to road bikes that have dual control or integrated gear and brake shifter levers.

man riding hybrid bike on rough terrain


From V-brakes to hydraulic and mechanical disc systems, a hybrid can have any of these brakes. But it is definitely more advanced than the brake system of a road bike and a bit more similar to a mountain bike.


A road bike definitely has less speeds or gears than a hybrid bike. However, when it comes to hybrid bike vs mountain bike, the mountain bike, of course, offers more gears.


The wheel of a hybrid is right in between a mountain bike and a road bike size-wise. It’s not as thick as the former but it’s definitely not as narrow as the latter. This makes hybrid bicycles an ideal choice for commuters.


When it comes to the body of the bicycle, hybrids are usually made of the same material as that of a road bike – carbon or aluminum. Hybrids lean towards being light and away from the heavy body of a mountain bike.


With large and padded seats, the hybrid bike resembles the seating of a mountain bike. This means riders get to sit in an upright position, unlike riding a road bike, which requires riders to lean forward.

The Advantage of Hybrid Bikes

So, what is a hybrid bike again? All in all, it is a bicycle that gives you the best of both worlds. It’s not going to be as fast as a road bike and it’s not going to be as comfortable for off-road rides like a mountain bike. But if you want speed, lightness, durability, and versatility wrapped into one package, then that’s the advantage of the hybrid bike.

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