Best Shoes For Peloton Bike – Spinning Compatible Footwear

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If you’re interested in joining SoulCycle spin classes or trying out riding an indoor peloton bicycle, then know that for the best workout experience, you will also need to wear the best peloton shoes.

Sure, you can rent shoes from the studio, but do you really want to wear shoes that have been worn by others? Just thinking about stinky, smelly, sweaty feet makes us gag, and we’re sure you also feel the same. And, it’s not like you can just choose to not wear peloton shoes either.

So if you are really into indoor cycling, then might as well buy bike shoes for peloton. But the thing is, looking for the best peloton shoes that will satisfy your comfy needs may be a bit difficult, so to help you out, we have gathered a list of the best shoes for peloton bikes.


Top 9 Peloton Shoes

In this article, we chose the best of the best cycling shoes for peloton that will fit your preferences and offer the best in terms of comfort, affordability, and style. Listed below are the best shoes that work with peloton. We also provided reviews to make it easier for you to choose based on your specific needs and requirements.

Venzo Bicycle Men’s Road Cycling Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 1

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that can offer an award-winning performance, and shoes specifically made to be compatible with the bike pedals of peloton, then the Venzo Bicycle Men’s Road Cycling shoes is the one recommended for you.

These delta cleat spin shoes come in two colors; namely, white and black. What is also great about these shoes is that they come with delta cleats, which can be used in peloton bicycles, or even Soulcycle.

This pair of Delta cycling shoes also features a mesh upper that is breathable, which gives comfort even on your most extreme workout sessions. Conveniently, it also features three velcro straps which can secure the shoes to your feet, plus these let you easily put your shoes on and off. We can assure you that you will not regret owning this pair of shoes.

  • Compatible with every cleat system
  • Offers better-quality materials
  • Comes with Look delta cleats

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Santic Cycling Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 2

The Santic Cycling Spin Shoes will give you all the comfort you need at an affordable price. These shoes are compatible with Look Delta, which is the reason why they are an excellent choice for Soul Cycle and peloton.

These best cycling shoes for peloton gives us a fashionable camouflage or nano design. They also come with classic black or neon green and red colors that catch the eyes of everyone near. If you are looking for shoes that feature breathable materials for the upper, and shoes that can offer superior comfort, look no further than the Santic Cycling Spin Shoes.

Despite being affordable, these shoes can offer top-quality performance. They have a U-shaped designed heel cup that can support your ankles very well and help you avoid injuries. These Look Delta shoes come with two velcro straps, plus a buckle made for precision, and a ratchet clasp that makes it easier to adjust and secure the shoes on your feet.

  • Boasts of a stylish design
  • Fits perfectly to your feet
  • Features firm soles
  • Superior power transfer
  • Look Delta compatible

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 3

The Gavin Elite Road Cycling shoes are not only compatible with peloton, they are also available in a unisex design and in various sizes, making them the best option for families that enjoy peloton as a workout session.

These shoes also have a fitting of SPD-SL, which guarantees that these peloton cycling shoes will give you the comfiest experience while working out indoors or outdoors. What is also mind-blowing with these shoes is that they come with an additional feature in a three-hole design, making them compatible with other types of cleats, including SPD.

Furthermore, these shoes feature a top-quality material that ensures maximum durability. This pair of peloton sneakers is also lined with an innersole that’s perforated and dries quickly, so you don’t need to feel uncomfy after long hours of working out. Finally, if you are trying to look for lightweight shoes, then the Gavin Elite Road Cycling shoes will solve your problems.

  • Features a unisex design
  • Perfect for indoor cycling
  • Fiberglass infused in nylon sole
  • No more feeling uncomfy when feet are sweaty

Tommaso Strada 100 Indoor Cycling Shoe

Peloton Shoes Top 4

If you are looking for peloton cycling shoes compatible with SPD and Look Delta cleats, then the Tommaso Strada 100 indoor cycling shoes are another option for you. These peloton sneakers also come with your choice of Delta cleats, which is pretty astounding.

This pair of best spin shoes for peloton can work nicely on your bike class and indoor cycling sessions. It also offers a build that is comfortable and breathable to keep your feet nice and dry, plus, these bike shoes for peloton are also designed with synthetic leather.

What’s more is that this brand also offers two years of warranty which assures every customer’s satisfaction. All in all, these are among the best shoes that you can get if you ever need special shoes for peloton, so be sure to check them out.

  • Compatible with studio-class bicycles
  • Perfect for medium width or narrow feet
  • Comfy and ensures quality performance
  • Offers two-year warranty

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Gavin MTB Indoor Fitness Cycling Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 5

If you are looking for a pair of the best peloton shoes at an affordable price but still offers quality features, go for these Gavin MTB Indoor Fitness Cycling shoes. This pair of shoes is designed to be lightweight and is made with breathable materials, which is spectacular for working out. It also features carbon fiber straps that are adjustable, and a heel cup that makes for stability.

The Gavin MTB Indoor Cycling shoes are versatile, making them a great option for those looking for shoes that are great for spin class and MTB riding. It also features an eye-catching design with carbon fiber, and it has mesh breathable material which means your feet will stay cool even after long hours of working out or spinning.

Not to mention, this pair of Delta clip bike shoes also features a quick-dry material. It is also compatible with SPD, which means it is perfect for SoulCycle bicycle pedals. In fact, the only downside is unlike other shoes featured in this article, it does not come with cleats, and it is sold separately.

  • Affordable spin shoes for peloton option
  • Compatible with SPD cleats
  • Features a design with breathable mesh
  • Comfortable and well-performing

Taiya Indoor Spin Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 6

The Taiya Indoor Spin shoes offer highly-breathable designs with synthetic mesh in the upper part. This is a well-made pair of the best spin shoes for peloton and has a nylon sole designed with cleats, which gives your feet an all day long comfort even after hardcore indoor workout sessions. These Delta clip spin shoes are also compatible with SPD.

Basically, these are a perfect sidekick while cycling down the road, touring, commuting, bike riding at mountains, or indoor peloton sessions. What is also cool about this pair of peloton shoes is that you can easily put these shoes on and they won’t accidentally come off. You can also tighten its shoelaces if you want to secure these shoes on your feet.

This pair of peloton shoes only weighs around 455g, so it is lightweight, which makes it perfect for every workout session. To find a size that will perfectly fit your feet, just rely on their chart of foot sizes and lengths.

  • Compatible with SPD and SPD-SL
  • Two colors to choose from with multiple sizes
  • Offers a reliable customer support

SANYES Men’s Cycling Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 7

The Sanye’s Men’s Cycling shoes are great if you prefer using different kinds of cleats. Designed with nylon and TPU material, this pair of peloton shoes will surely perform impressively. It also comes with a sole that is synthetic and ensures comfort all day long.

This pair of peloton spin shoes are made to be breathable, and they can effectively absorb sweat, which will keep your feet super cozy even after riding and working out. It also has a two-notch system that makes micro-adjustments easy-breezy.

The Sanye’s Men’s Cycling shoes can be used by either women and men, which is quite impressive. It also has a cleat design of two-bolt SPD and three-bolt SPD-SL., and includes a cleats area that is compatible with every kind of cleats. Simply put, it’s a great pair of shoes for peloton that can make you comfy even after climbing, cycling indoors or outdoors, and traveling.

  • Compatibility with different cleats
  • Non-slip and hard-wearing
  • Breathable holes that are great for comfort
  • Colorful and eye-catching night vision upper

TIEM Slipstream Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 8

If you are looking for a pair of the best peloton shoes for women that offers utmost comfortability but still looks fashionable, then these TIEM Slipstream Indoor Cycling Shoes are the one for you. This pair of peloton shoes come in seven different colors and have an easy slip-on design. It has a cleat design of SPD, which makes walking and working out super comfortable.

These peloton sneakers are designed with a breathable mesh material that is sure to keep you cool and comfy even after long hours of cycling classes. You can also put on and off this pair of peloton spin shoes easily with its single strap closure design.

The downside is that this pair of shoes doesn’t include SPD cleats, and you have to buy them separately from the shoes. Even so, these shoes are still worth it because of their excellent features. Not to mention, the TIEM slipstream shoes can also work with SoulCycle bicycles and are compatible with typical SPD cleats.

  • Comfiest peloton sneaker for women
  • Easy to take off and put on
  • Features recessed cleats
  • Excellent performance and fashionable at the same time

Tommaso Pista Aria Women’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

Peloton Shoes Top 9

The Tommaso Pista Aria Women’s Indoor Cycling shoes are a pair of the best peloton shoes that offer comfort and outstanding performance at the same time. It is made to be adaptable, which is ideal for different kinds of outdoor activities. These peloton sneakers’ cleat area is compatible with two-bolt and three-bolt sets of cleats.

This pair of peloton spin shoes are designed with high-quality nylon yarn that hugs your feet like a dream, thus making for comfort even after a very long day. The Tommaso Pista Airia Women’s indoor cycling shoes are heavy-duty, and they will not wear out easily even after a long time. For the sake of an extra layer of durability, the toebox, lace area, and heel are reinforced.

Moreover, this pair of peloton compatible shoes offers a lace that can be closed traditionally to reduce points of pressure and fit optimized. You can enjoy every pedaling with this pair of shoes’ soles reinforced with fiberglass that can maximize power transfer and optimize stiffness.

  • Offers high quality and precision fit
  • Allows foot power increase
  • Features six colors and different sizes
  • Guarantees 100 percent fit
  • Offers free fit returns
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty

Peloton Bike Shoes Buying Guide

If you still cannot decide which pair of peloton shoes to get, then we are here to help you out. Listed below are the things you should consider while searching for a pair of peloton bike shoes:

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An accurate shoe size is a must because it is a huge factor for your comfortability. Although, with peloton shoes, it is advisable to get a pair of shoes that’s a size bigger for a comfier experience. You should also keep in mind that the size of the arch and heels can give a maximum level of support so that you can paddle easily.


For a comfier experience, look for a pair of shoes that has a breathable and lightweight design. Think of it this way: a pair of heavy peloton shoes make it hard for you to control your feet while paddling, and it is also one of the main sources of uncomfortable feeling. And it is also essential to look for shoes that offers plenty of design and colors

Gender-specialized Design

When choosing the best pair of peloton shoes or shoes in general, you have to be mindful of which shoes are designed for your gender. This is not to be sexist by any means; rather, men’s and women’s shoes are designed differently. For instance, men’s shoes are typically larger and have wider footprints.

3-bolt Cleats

Pedals and cleats that have three-bolt systems can help rightly fit your shoes. The three-bolt cleats are responsible for supporting the paddle and help keep your shoes from falling off. With three-bolt cleats, you can pedal fast and easy.

Closure System

The closure system of the shoes is also important, since you want to be able to secure your shoes quickly, make them fit comfortably, and prevent them from falling off. You also need a good support system, and more importantly, avoid getting into accidents while riding. That said, quick locking mechanisms for peloton shoes are straps and buckles.

Breathable Mesh

Sweaty feet are normal when working out or even while just wearing a pair of closed shoes. But, for you to avoid sweaty feet, look for a pair of peloton bike shoes made with breathable mesh materials. These are useful especially when you are in a racing competition. Also, you’ll better avoid dampness, which can easily make you uncomfortable. 

home exercise bike

Non-slip Lining

If you want the best peloton shoes or cycling shoes, look for a pair of shoes that features non-slip lining. A lining that has a non-slip feature will help you pedal faster and easier, and it also protects you from slipping, which may cause injuries. Basically, look for cycling shoes that do not slip or fall off easily.

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Shoe Soles

Shoe soles are one of the most important things to check when choosing the best cycling shoes for peloton, or any shoes for that matter. To give you an idea, nylon and carbon are two of the most common materials used for peloton shoes. Soles made of carbon are exceptional and can adapt easily, which is why it is perfect for everyone.

Ease of Wearing

The pair of best peloton shoes are made for everyone’s comfort, and a big part of that is being able to easily put the shoes on and take them off. So, look for a pair of shoes that has a perfect width and length for you to comfortably and easily slip your feet in or out.


We know that your budget is likely your top priority when you buy peloton shoes. After all, you need to be realistic on how much you can spend. If you want higher-quality peloton shoes, then, of course, a higher budget is a must. But still choose wisely, because not every expensive peloton shoes are made with top quality materials.


When looking for a brand of peloton shoes, choose a brand that offers warranty services. Aside from repairing your damaged peloton shoes, they can also help you out with other product related issues, like wrong deliveries, damages, and defects. The peloton shoes featured in this article mostly have one to two-year service for warranty if you want replacements.

Final Tips

If you are wondering whether “can you ride a peloton with regular shoes?”, the answer is you can, but it is highly advisable to use cycling shoes compatible with peloton, since wearing a basic sneaker might give you an uncomfortable feeling while working out.

The best way to enjoy indoor cycling or working out is to buy dedicated shoes for that kind of activity, and for peloton, this means shoes that are compatible with the peloton’s toe cages. Fortunately, various brands offer soles that are high-quality, and even feature a good locking system for their shoes. 

So there you have it, the list of the best shoes for peloton bike and some tips in choosing the best peloton bike shoes that will fit your preference.