7 Best Cruiser Bikes For Women And Men – Affordable and Cheap Bicycle Options Review 2021

Among all other types of bicycles, cruiser bikes are some of the most comfortable bikes you can ride around town. Unlike mountain bikes that are great for hitting tracks, or road and commuter bikes that speed along the city streets, cruiser bikes allow you to enjoy your trip with a uniquely smooth, comfortable ride.

That’s because cruiser bikes are designed primarily for comfort- specifically, for leisurely rides along the boardwalk by the beach. You’ll see that cruiser bikes come with cushioned seats, wide handlebars, and fat tires, all to make the ride as fun and comfortable as possible, and in a groovy, fashionable manner, too.

Even better, nowadays, cruiser bikes aren’t only for pounding sand and rolling on wood planks. In fact, cruiser bikes come in a wide variety of options, along with better features, unique treads, and even funky paint jobs.

In this article, we’ll talk about the best cruiser bikes that money can buy in 2021, and answer some common questions about buying and riding cruisers, so you can experience the joy and convenience of riding one, too. Let’s begin!


Top 7 Cruiser Bikes in 2021

If you want to enjoy the ultimate and most satisfying experience, whether it’s about riding along the beach or going around the city, you deserve only the best adult cruiser bikes for women and men. Here’s a list of the most promising options we found:

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

Cruiser Bikes Top 1

Our top pick is none other than the Schwinn Discover, which is a cheap but awesome bicycle that offers one of the smoothest rides among the competition, thanks to the Schwinn suspension fork, which completely absorbs shock from the road.

And aside from that, this bicycle also comes with lots of other unique features, such as the quick-release function on the front wheel, the Promax alloy linear pull brake that delivers more powerful and effective stopping power (as compared to coaster brakes).

You can also get this with 3 speed gears on the front derailleur and 7 speed gears on the rear derailleur, and use either the left or right hand twist handle grip. Talk about versatility and function! All in all, it’s the ideal ride for recreational cyclists, and is sure to exceed expectations, especially considering its affordable price.

  • Sporty and stylish look with padded saddle
  • Shimano REVOSHIFT and 21-speed SRAM gear shifters
  • 14-28T rear cogs for both rough and smooth terrains
  • Rear cargo storage for personal items/ groceries
  • Padded saddle for maximum comfort
  • 250 lb maximum capacity

sixthreezero Women’s 7-Speed Beach Cruiser

Cruiser Bikes Top 2

Competing for the second spot is the sixthreezero women’s 7 speed cruiser bike, another affordable yet superior ride that offers the best in terms of comfort, relaxation, and performance, so you can enjoy a fun and energetic ride on the beach and beyond.

This beach cruiser features the Nexus gearing system, a top of the line componentry that’s capable of tackling rough terrains and steep hills with ease. It’s also partnered with specially crafted crank mechanics to make riding and rolling easier, whether with gears or without.

With such configuration, plus the comfort and performance features like the wde chrome plated handlebars that offer optimum control, and the oversized saddle designed with dual coil springs to deliver superior comfort, you really can’t ask for anything more from the sixthreezero women’s beach cruiser bike. It’s just perfect!

  • Stylish and modern design with matching fenders
  • Ideal for steep climbs and rough terrain
  • Premium quality at an affordable price
  • Adequate rider protection and comfort features

Schwinn Cruiser Bike Wayfarer

Cruiser Bikes Top 3

Another amazing option from Schwinn is the Schwinn Wayfarer cruiser bike, which is a great choice if you want to go out on leisurely rides, cruise around the neighborhood, or take on dirt paths. This one’s not only versatile, but stylish too, with its steel retro city frame that looks perfectly vintage and 100% show-stopping.

This 7 speed cruiser bike comes with top-of-the-line SRAM twist shift shifters that are sure to let you climb even the steepest hills with ease. It also features solid and lightweight alloy 700c wheels that are perfectly durable without weighing you down, along with thinner tires that offer a more stable and comfortable ride, perfect for long distance rides.

Other amazing features of this ride include swept-back handlebars, alloy linear pull brakes on both the front and rear for efficient and crisp stoppage on any surface, and a couple of additional features that add to this multi speed cruiser bike’s comfort.

  • Classic look with rear rack and fenders on the front and rear
  • Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur and SRAM twist shifters
  • Comfortable handlebars, standard seat, reliable brakes
  • Relatively easy to assemble

sixthreezero Around The Block Beach Cruiser

Cruiser Bikes Top 4

If you’re looking for the best single speed beach cruiser, we highly recommend the sixthreezero Around the Block beach cruiser for women. It’s a supremely comfortable and low maintenance bike that’s ideal for casual riders like you.

It’s also particularly great for long rides thanks to the added comfort features like the upright riding position and the adjustable handlebars. These features alone allow for a uniquely customized ride, so you can find your ideal comfort level during your ride.

Not only that, this comfort cruiser bike also features other comfort-optimizing parts and components, like the dual spring seat, high-density handlebar foam grips, large waffle tread tires in 24 and 26 inch sizes, and wide aluminum wheels. Plus, if you’re not fond of the single speed version, you can also get this in 3, 7, and 21 speed styles.

  • Curvy steel cruiser frame in multiple color options
  • Foam grips and deluxe cushioned saddle for serious comfort
  • Extra features include front reflector mount, rear rack, chainguard
  • Available in 4 gearing options and 2 wheel sizes

Huffy 26″ Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike

Cruiser Bikes Top 5

We’ve been talking about lots of stuff from Schwinn and sixthreezero, but Huffy is also one of the most popular cruiser bike brands today, so here’s a great pick from their cruiser lineup: the Huffy Nel Lusso is a classic vintage style women’s cruiser bike that won’t ever let you down.

One thing we really like about this cruiser bicycle is that it comes with some sleek features that you don’t often get from other brands. For one thing, all Huffy Nel Lussos come with baskets and beverage holders on the handlebars. These two things alone make this bike stand out from the competition.

Moreover, you also get a one-size-fits-all phone case that can be fitted on the bike so you can conveniently listen to your favorite songs while cruising along a scenic path without worrying about your phone falling from your pocket. Simply put, this is a convenient, value for money cruiser that casual riders are sure to love.

  • Vintage style look with front and rear fenders
  • Front basket, rear rack, optional rear basket
  • Custom-made foam hand grips
  • Sturdy and comfortable for long distance rides

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid

Cruiser Bikes Top 6

For those on the hunt for the best mens cruiser bikes, one of the best options is the sixthreezero EVRYjourney men’s single speed hybrid, which is a premium ride that comes with a ridiculously low price tag. It offers amazing comfort so you can enjoy pleasant rides every time.

One of the many things worth mentioning about this city cruiser bike is that it comes with a manual shift that offers superior control in the form of crisp, quick, and quiet shifting. It also features a pedal forward design that isn’t as aggressive as some townie beach cruisers, which just makes it all the more comfortable to ride.

Furthermore, it actually tackles rough terrains with perfect ease. And, it comes with other amazing features, too, like the matching fenders that effectively prevent you and your bike from accruing dirt, the front and rear hand brakes that make for easy stops, and so on.

  • Sporty, eye catching design
  • Lightweight cruiser bike with strong and durable construction
  • Versatile and easy to maneuver and control
  • Suits cyclists between 5’’ and 6’’4’ in height

sixthreezero Men’s in The Barrel 3-Speed Beach Cruiser

Cruiser Bikes Top 7

Finally, also beating the many cool cruiser bikes out there is the sixthreezero men’s In The Barrel 3 speed beach cruiser, which is an attractive option that boasts of a strong, sporty feel with its matte paint finish.

One of the many things we love about this bike is that it features a comfortable, low-profile bubble saddle and the matching handlebar grips. These allow riders to sit upright and enjoy better riding comfort.

Coupled with the forward pedal design, you get to enjoy longer rides without any issue, soreness, or discomfort. Not to mention, the smooth cruiser bike crank configuration is specifically designed to reduce shock and vibration from road bumps, so you’re left with a supremely comfortable ride.

  • Sporty look with combination of city, country, and beach features
  • Available in various gearing options for different riding requirements
  • Comes with adjustable seat and handlebars for custom comfort
  • Lightweight profile for easy and convenient transport

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Cruiser Bike FAQs and Buying Guide

As you have seen above, there are plenty of amazing options when it comes to the best cruiser bikes. But, the wide abundance of choices can also make it hard to narrow down your options and figure out which bike to buy. To help you with that, we came up with this handy FAQs and buying guide to answer all your questions about buying and riding a cruiser bike.

What is a cruiser bike?

A cruiser bike, also called a beach cruiser, is actually a sub-type of hybrid bikes. Primarily designed for comfort and recreation, cruisers differ from traditional hybrids that are made for high-speed rides and daily commutes.

Cruisers are fashionable bikes that first cropped up in the 1930s. These bikes were originally popular with bicycle couriers and paperboys due to the heavy-duty construction and wide tires that make rides comfortable. By the 1950s, however, cruiser bikes eventually became a fixture in vacation towns and boardwalks, again due to the stable ride and comfortable seating.

In fact, the wide, comfy seats and the large, sweeping handlebars are just some of the many distinct features of cruisers. Perhaps the most noteworthy, however, are the wide balloon tires that greatly enhance the bike’s stability, which enables the bike to be ridden on various terrains, from paved city streets to sidewalks and beachfronts.

It’s also a definite plus that cruiser bikes are some of the easiest bikes to customize and personalize. You can add just about anything from baskets to fenders, chain guards, bells, saddlebags, drink holders, racks, and so on.

With all that, you’ll be surprised that cruiser bikes actually come with stunningly simple yet effective gears and brakes. In fact, many cruisers come with single speed gears and coaster brakes. Basically, the simplicity and ease of use, coupled with the comfort features, durability, and customizability, allow cruisers to continuously be popular among casual riders.

woman enjoying the outside on cruiser bike

What is a cruiser bike good for?

As the name suggests, cruiser bikes are great for cruising around town. The way cruisers are made means you don’t need to work hard or go fast; instead, you can take your time and enjoy a comfortable, leisurely ride.

Riding on flat, smooth surfaces

Of course, this means cruisers aren’t for high-speed or difficult rides on rough terrain. The simple gearing and often coaster style brakes mean that cruisers are best ridden on flat, smooth surfaces. Oftentimes, this also includes daily commutes, as well as long distance rides.

Running Errands

As a matter of fact, cruisers are also great for running errands, since the bikes are highly customizable. You can do grocery trips, hit your favorite local spots, and take a fun weekend trip with a cruiser bike.

Making a Statement

Don’t forget that you can also customize your cruiser not only for comfort and function, but also to make a statement. While you can add stuff like baskets, cup holders, and bells, you can also make your bike stand out with the right paint job, body design, and other customizable features like step-through frames, unique tread designs, matching frames and tires, etc.

Are cruiser bikes good for…

Riding uphill?

While cruiser bikes are primarily designed for flat surfaces, it’s also possible to ride uphill with a cruiser bike as long as it’s equipped with 3 or 7 speed gears. Basically, you need to shift up for added speed when climbing up hills, then shift down when going downhill.


While cruiser bikes aren’t as aggressive as other bike types, pedalling is still a great form of exercise to get you moving and burn some calories. That said, it’s up to you how much workout you want to get out of your bike. Single-speed cruiser bikes offer a lower impact exercise on steady surfaces, whereas multi-speed cruisers allow you to climb hills and ride longer distances.

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Riding on dirt?

Since cruiser bikes are primarily designed for boardwalks and pavement, they are not an ideal ride for off-roading, primarily because cruisers are slow and heavy. That said, while you can’t ride a cruiser off the trails or in tournaments, if you want to push yourself and workout your muscles, riding a cruiser on dirt may be a good idea.


Cruiser bikes are made with simple shifting and gearing, along with coasting brakes, a low seat height, and swept-back handlebars. All of these things make cruisers ideal for commuting.

Types of Cruiser Bikes

There are many different types of cruisers, but they can be categorized into 3 main types:

  • Low-rider cruisers: these come with short seats with handlebars sitting well above your head. These bikes look like traditional bikes and motorcycles, and are primarily intended for women.
  • Stretch cruisers: on the contrary, stretch cruisers come with much longer handlebars and offer a reclined riding gesture, making them ideal for short distance rides.
  • Beach cruisers: these are the most common type of cruisers, featuring an upright sitting position for maximum riding comfort and relaxation. Beach cruisers typically come with 26 inch wheels and fat tires.

Men’s vs Women’s Cruiser Bikes

One of the many distinct features of cruiser bikes is that they are available in either men’s or women’s styles, which primarily refers to the bike frame.

Essentially, men’s cruisers come with the traditional step-over frames, and women’s cruisers come with step-through frames, with the top tube of the frame swooping down the bottom. This is ideal for riding with long garments such as dresses and skirts, and it also makes it easier to mount or dismount the bike.

Aside from the frame, however, there’s also the difference of wheel sizes. Since women typically have smaller frames and shorter legs, cruiser bikes often come with options for smaller wheels to accommodate shorter riders.

white cruiser bike

Can cruiser bikes go fast?

The thing is, cruiser bikes are made for comfort, rather than speed. You’ll see this with the unique features of cruisers that add to the comfort level, but also have the effect of slowing the bike down.

Wide Tires

The wide, balloon tires of cruiser bikes are designed as such to give the cruiser bike a smooth, cushioned ride, as well as offer lots of stability. That said, since the tires are much wider, they also add weight to the bike, which then slows down its speed.

Heavy Frame

Unlike other bike types where you have the choice of frame material, cruisers typically come in a combination of steel and aluminum, with a majority of the frame made of heavy steel tubing, and only a small part made with lightweight aluminum. This is actually what makes the bike highly durable and long lasting, but again, the added weight decreases the bike’s speed.

Limited Gearing

Originally, cruisers came with a single gear configuration, and it’s still mostly true today, with only a few cruiser bikes coming fully geared. The lack of gearing makes the bike easy to ride, but it also means you can’t really hit high speeds without overexerting yourself on the pedals.

Extra Features

Cruisers are fun because you can add lots of functional, comfortable, and stylish features to it. But, these things all add to the bike’s weight and also impair its already not-so-good aerodynamics, which means the more stuff you add to your bike, the slower it goes on the road due to added weight and resistance.

Can cruiser bikes go on long distance rides?

Since cruiser bikes are advertised for superior comfort, many people assume that cruisers are great for long distance rides. However, the truth is that it all depends on how hard you’re willing to work and how far you’re willing to go.

Again, this is because cruiser bikes are heavy, slow, and have limited gearing. Sure, you might get to your destination without feeling sore thanks to all the comfort features, but it will also take a significantly longer time to get there than, say, if you ride a road or commuter bike. This is why most people only travel five to ten miles on a cruiser bike on any given day.

That’s not to say that you can’t ride a cruiser bike for a longer distance. As long as your bike has the right set of gears, you can easily put in some extra miles. The same is also true if your bike doesn’t come with lots of extras that add significant weight to the bike, like racks, fenders, baskets, and so on.

Ultimately, it’s your choice what you want to do with your bike and how far you want to ride, and what steps you’re willing to take to get the results you want.

Cruiser Bike Speed Gears

When it comes to the speed gears of cruiser bikes, these are actually available in three main gear configurations, each of which comes with their share of pros and cons depending on where, how, and how often you are planning on riding your bike. Understanding these gear configurations will help you find the right bike for your riding conditions.

Single Gear

Traditionally, cruiser bikes come in single gear configurations. This gives you ultimate control by allowing you to determine how and how fast you want to go simply by exerting more effort or pedaling harder.

With this type of gearing, it’s possible to go uphill, but you will need more power, which often means riding the bike while standing up. That said, single speed bikes are best ridden on flat, smooth surfaces.

3-speed Bike

There are also 3-speed cruisers that allow you to ride a bit easier, especially if you are likely to often climb hills or would want some extra speed. Even just a couple more gears will give you more power, so you can ride with less work.

3-speed cruiser bikes are perhaps the best option if you want to maintain the comfort of cruiser bikes, but also have more functionality out of your ride.

Full Gear Bike

While cruisers are mainly known for comfort and simple gearing, there are actually some cruiser bikes that come with full gears similar to those on road and mountain bikes.

These are great options for those who are looking for a comfortable ride, but also need something that is versatile enough to handle a variety of hills and flats, and also for those who want to ride longer distances.


Finally, while the idea of cruisers revolve around slowing you down to let you enjoy the serenity of daily life, it’s also possible to enjoy speeding up your otherwise laid-back life.

Pedal assist comes in handy by allowing you to reach your destination sooner while requiring less effort on your part. This only means you get to enjoy the rest of your day more, since you’re not stuck on your bike as long.

You’ll find that electronic cruiser bikes are available mostly as class 1 bikes, which means that the bike can top out at 20 miles per hour, although you’ll also see that some e-cruisers can reach speeds as high as 28 miles per hour (class 3).

What To Look For In Cruiser Bikes

With all the vast options for cruiser bikes on the market, buying one can be quite challenging. So, how do you choose the right ride?

The answer is easy. Just like buying any other type of bike, you’ll want to base your decision on your riding style, riding conditions, and other specific needs and wants. To help you with that, here’s a list of things you need to consider so you can find the best cruiser bike that you like.

Riding Style

The simple fact is, when buying any type of bike, the first and most important thing you need to consider is the type of riding you plan on doing, since your riding purpose or style is what should determine what type of bike would be perfect for your specific needs. Keep in mind that cruisers are made for comfort, so if you want an adventurous bike, a cruiser may not be for you.

Frame Size

Another thing with cruiser bikes that is different from other styles is that cruisers typically only come in one frame size. However, there still are a few differences with cruiser bike frame sizes. For instance, men’s cruiser bikes usually range from 16 to 18 inches, whereas cruiser frames for women typically range from 12 to 17 inches.

Generally, you need a bigger or higher frame if you have a longer inseam. For example, if you are under 5 feet tall, you should get a 15 inch frame, or if you are somewhere between 5 and 6 feet in height, a 16 or 18 inch frame would do better.

This is why it’s always important to keep your inseam and height in mind when buying a cruiser bike, since this will ensure that you find the right fit.

Wheel Size

That said, your bike frame will only work for you if you have properly sized wheels. When it comes to cruiser bikes, wheels are often either in 24 or 26 inch sizes. While it’s only a two inch difference, the riding experience completely changes based on the wheel size you use.

Again, the taller you are, the bigger your wheels should be, since you need as much ground clearance as possible, whereas for shorter riders, smaller wheels will make it easier to balance on the bike.

It’s a must to find the right size so you can get the right amount of ground clearance or room. You don’t want to be too far off the ground, nor feel cramped or low-slung. Having the right frame and wheel size will ensure that you can properly maneuver the bike and therefore better enjoy your ride.

Bike Style

It’s common knowledge that if you want a stylish, comfortable bike, you should go for a cruiser bike. That’s because cruisers are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and styles, along with a variety of bike accessories to customize your bike with, allowing you to find one that perfectly suits your personal style, taste, and needs.

When shopping for style, it really all boils down to your personal preferences. Think about what you want your bike to look like, how and where you want to ride it, and so on. If you want to stand out, consider outlandish colors, or muted, matte ones if you want to blend in. If you’re an outdoorsy type, go for a sporty look, or a vintage, retro one if you’re “old school”.

For instance, if you want a classic beach cruiser look, make sure that the bike has a comfortable set-back saddle, high rise swept-back handlebars, and forward facing pedals. Or, if you want something that looks more like a homage or hybrid bike, then look for something else altogether.

Braking System

In terms of braking, a common feature of cruiser bikes is to use coaster brakes, especially for single speed bikes, since this brake type is simple, straightforward, easy to use, and reliable. Coaster brakes stop the bike safely and in a very controlled way, since they are controlled by the pedals rather than brake pads on the wheels.

If you want a multi-speed cruiser bike, however, expect that it might come with hand brakes or handlebar brakes, which is the most common option, although there are a few other gear and brake combinations for cruisers.

Frame Material

We mentioned earlier that most cruiser bikes are primarily made with steel. This greatly reduces the cost of the bike, since steel is an affordable material, but there are also a few drawbacks with steel frames. For one thing, steel is heavy, and it’s also highly prone to rust and corrosion.

It may take some effort, but you should be able to find aluminum cruiser bike frames. These bikes will weigh a lot less and will therefore allow you to go faster. Aluminum also doesn’t rust, and nowadays, the way the frames are engineered makes the material just as durable as steel. Of course, if you want an aluminum frame, be prepared to pay extra.

Bike Accessories

Common accessories you can outfit a cruiser bike with include front baskets, rear racks, and fenders. Others include bells, chain guards, cup holders, phone cases, LED lights for night rides, and the like. Among these, a rear rack and fenders are arguably the most useful.

Keep in mind that while customizing your bike can be fun and functional, all the stuff you add also adds weight to the bike and will slow it down. In any case, if the bike you’re planning on buying doesn’t readily come with these accessories, it’s easy to find and buy them yourself, and install them on the bike.

Whatever bike accessories you decide on, don’t forget to also suit up with the right gear. For instance, the best mountain bike grips will give you better control over the handlebars while also keeping your hands comfortable, and a great full face helmet will protect your head from injury. You should also consider buying the best bike locks to keep bike thieves at bay.

Bike Maintenance

While it’s important to buy a durable, long lasting bike, it’s just as important to maintain it so it remains in good working condition for longer. That said, not all bikes are easy to maintain, so if you don’t want to spend too much time working on your ride, look for a bike that is low-maintenance.

This often means less parts, gears, and cables, plus components that are resistant to rust and are easy to clean.


Finally, think about how much you are willing to spend on a cruiser. The general rule is, the more often you need to ride the bike, the more you should invest on it to make sure that you get to enjoy a well functioning, durable ride. What’s important here is that the bike perfectly meets your needs and is capable of performing just the way you want.

How To Use Cruiser Bike Brakes

Unless your bike is multi-speed, you likely have coaster brakes on them. The best way to use these brakes is to first stop pedaling forward to allow the bike to start slowing down on its own. Then, step backward gently on the pedals. This will engage the brakes and further slow the bike down until it comes to a stop.

Of course, since coaster brakes make for controlled stops, quick stops are also possible with them. Keep in mind, however, that fast stops can cause skidding and sliding, so if you want to stop the bike quickly, you need to prepare to control your steering.

Here’s a YouTube video showing how to use coaster brakes in more detail.

On the other hand, if you have a full-gear setup and are using handlebar brakes, the braking technique will be different since the brakes stop both the front and rear wheels, usually with the right hand in control of the rear brake and the left hand in control of the front brake.

To use handlebar brakes, the first thing is to also stop pedaling to slow the bike down, before gently pressing the handlebar levers. Ideally, use both the front and rear brakes to gain more control over the bike. Although, if you need to make a hard stop, using only the rear brakes will safely stop the bike without throwing you off the seat or having you go over the handlebars.

How To Install Brakes On A Cruiser Bike

Cruiser bikes typically come with coaster brakes, but for some cyclists, simple coaster brakes are not enough for the level and precision of stopping power they want. If this sounds like you, you might be considering installing extra brakes on your cruiser.

Sure, if your bike already has handlebar brakes, you likely don’t have to do anything other than perform minor repairs every now and then, including replacing brake pads or running a new brake line. These are simple tasks which you can do even with limited experience in bike repair and maintenance.

But, when it comes to adding new front handlebar brakes on a cruiser bike with coaster brakes, while it will allow you to enjoy more braking power for quicker stops and navigating steep hills, the process of installation is much more complicated. Unless you are an experienced bike mechanic, it might be best to leave the job to the professionals.

If you want to understand the process, however, or attempt it yourself, here are the steps on installing front hand brakes on a cruiser bike:

  1. Install the brake pads by the inner face of each brake arm, making sure that the threaded studs face outwards.
  2. Take the crown nuts and screw them onto each threaded stud, doing it by hand initially. Do not tighten down the nuts with a tool until later.
  3. Align the brake pads to the brake arms in such a way that they are perpendicular to each other. At this point, take a metric wrench, and use it to secure the crown nuts.
  4. Then, move on to the universal bracket, which should come with a rear clamp and bolt. Align the front steering headset and the bracket with one another. Tighten the bolt just enough so that the bracket can still move without scratching the bike frame.
  5. Look for the pivot bolt that holds the brake arms together, and loosen the hex nut on the pivot bolt. Using your hands, spread apart the brake arms.
  6. Slowly slide the brake arms over the tire and front fender, then align each brake pad over each wheel rim.
  7. Position the pivot bolt right into the lower hole, tightening the nut on the pivot bolt’s end. Do this by hand first before moving on to using a wrench.
  8. Make sure that the brake pads are properly aligned, then tighten the clamp bolt. Then, place the hand lever over the handlebars, making sure that its housing rests against the handlebar grip.
  9. Connect the hand lever to the ball end on the brake cable by following the instructions on your brake or adapter kit.
  10. Loosen the cable stop screw before sliding the cable (the stranded end) through the cable port.
  11. Press the hand lever of the brake against the hand grip. Leave it in the squeezed position. Then, get your locking pliers and use it to grip the cable end right below the cable stop. Pull straight down on the cable until the lever opens fully.
  12. Finally, press together the brake arms with your hands until the brake pads are at a ⅛ inch distance from the wheel rims. Take an Allen wrench and tighten the cable-stop screw all around the cable. Finally, release the pliers.

Again, these are just basic instructions, and the actual process may be slightly different depending on the brake kit you buy. For best and safest results, leave the task to an experienced mechanic to ensure that your brakes get installed correctly.

For more information, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to adjust bike brakes.


Ever since they first came to existence, cruiser bikes continue to be one of the best options when it comes to fun and comfort, for the simple fact that cruiser bikes are easy and comfortable to ride around town, as well as for running errands and commuting.

We hope this article has helped you find the best cruiser bike for your personal needs and preferences. Feel free to use the FAQs and buying guide section to help you figure out which bike is best for you. Happy riding!