6 Best Bike Travel Cases – Soft- and Hardshell Bags and Boxes

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Are you going on a bike tour? Or maybe you are relocating and you’ll want to bring your mountain bike with you? No matter the reason, it pays to look into bike travel cases for your trip.

With a bicycle, you can easily travel on your vacation. It’s also an excellent means of transportation. A lot of people are picky when it comes to bicycles. So, even if there is a rental place where you are going, sometimes it’s still better to bring your own bicycle with you. The added luggage will all be worth it when you explore new places with a bicycle that you are familiar with riding on.


Advantages of Bike Travel Cases

Traveling with your bike is definitely easier when you use bike travel cases. Here are some of its advantages:

Bike Portability

Not all transportation modes allow you to bring your bicycle on its two wheels. Most of the time, airplanes or trains, will require you to put your bike into a cargo box or travel case. It will be easier for you to hop on and off different vehicles during your trip with your bicycle safely stowed in a case.

Bike Protection

This is one of the biggest advantages of having a travel case. Just imagine what happens to your luggage in cargo if it’s just wrapped in a box. Even if it has a fragile stamp on the box, how sure are you that your bike won’t get bent out of shape? It’ll also be easier to spot your bike travel case at an airport carousel if it’s not in a regular cargo box.

Quick Packing

Another reason why travel cases are a big advantage for bike owners is there is less hassle when it comes to packing. Depending on the travel case of your choice, there are either individual bags or spots for the wheels, pedals, seat posts, and other parts.

Doubles as Storage

When your bicycle is not in use, you can simply keep it in the bag. This is especially very advantageous if you live in a small apartment or a house with little outdoor space or storage.

Top 6 Bike Travel Cases

There are dozens of bike travel cases to choose from but here are the 6 best ones that you might like to look into:

CyclingDeal Bike Travel Hard Case

Bike Travel Cases Top 1

The CyclingDeal Bike Travel Hard Case is designed for 700C road bikes that have quick release only. It has good abrasion and tear resistance, thanks to its strong EVA material. It has a hardness of up to 80Hs and is about a centimeter thick for high impact strength.

With a clam-shell opening, it’s easy to open up the hard case and put in your bike. The bag also has straps plus quick-release buckles to secure your bike parts as well as easy organization.

The rear wheels are made of rubber while the front wheels can spin 360 degrees. This makes it easy for you to drag the CyclingDeal Bike Travel Hard Case from your home to the airport and anywhere else.

  • Comes with a TSA lock
  • 360-degree spinning front wheels
  • Thick and hard EVA material
  • Clam-shell design

B&W International Bike Guard Curv

Bike Travel Cases Top 2

The interlocking B&W International Bike Guard Curv Case is ideal for not just road bikes but also triathlon bikes and mountain bikes that have 29-inch wheel guards. This hard case is made of Curv material, which is twelve times stronger than ABS plastic.

You can expect the B&W International Bike Guard Curv to have high impact resistance as well as high abrasion resistance. Even if you are going to a destination with low temperatures, this case is durable and tough.

It’s easy to travel with the B&W International Bike Guard Curv as it comes with four wheels, two of which can rotate wherever which way. It also has an extendable handle, a handle you can pull, as well as two other handles on each side for carrying.

  • Compatible with multiple bike types
  • 4-wheels with 2 freely rotating
  • 4 handles for pulling or carrying
  • Made of waterproof and strong Curv material

EVOC Bike Travel Bag

Bike Travel Cases Top 3

Get the best of both worlds with the EVOC Bike Travel Bag. This hybrid case combines the advantages of the soft and hardshell bike bags and can fit a multitude of bike types, including triathlon, gravel, road, freeride, all-mountain, downhill, and cross country.

Packing is easy as the EVOC Bike Travel Bag has secure compartments for wheels up to 29 inches and other bike parts. Even with a molded polycarbonate bike block to secure its contents, this travel bag is lighter than most bike cases. Perfect for work and play, this bag even has a business card pocket.

This hybrid bag has 2 smooth rolling skate wheels that can be replaced. When not in use, the EVOC Bike Bag can be collapsed and folded, making it ideal for cross-country travels.

  • Hybrid soft bag and hardshell case
  • Compatible with multiple bike types
  • Replaceable skate wheels
  • Collapsible design

Scicon Aerocmfort 3.0

Bike Travel Cases Top 4

The patented shape of the Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 makes it one of the most convenient bike cases in the market. Packing your bike is easy and requires no tools as an internal bike stand is in place—there’s no need to remove your bike’s seat post or handlebars!

The Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 has a multi-axle system, which will allow you to mount bicycles that have 12mm thru-axle and standard quick-release skewers. Four adapters for thru-axle to quick release are already included with the bag.

To ensure the safety of your bicycle, this travel bag is made with high-density woven nylon. At only 8kg, the Scicon Aerocomfort is one of the lightest bike travel cases. You can use it on different terrain as this travel case’s Scicon twin wheel system is made in partnership with mobility-solutions expert Tente.

  • Comes with an internal bike stand
  • Only 8kg
  • Minimal disassembly required
  • Uses Scicon twin wheel system

Buds ROADBag Travel

Bike Travel Cases Top 5

If you are always on the go, the Buds ROADBag Travel case is a good choice for you. This bike bag is compatible with a wide range of bicycles, so if you have a few models there’s no need to purchase special bags for each. It can fit bike wheels as small as 26 inches or up to 700C.

Packing your bike into the Buds RoadBag Travel is fairly easy as you only need to remove the front wheel. You can keep your rear wheel intact and don’t even need to adjust the height of your bike seat.

The high-quality Buds RoadbBag Travel is made with eco-friendly materials, 0% PVC. This case has comfortable shoulder straps so you can carry your bike on your shoulders during your trip.

  • Compatible with 26 to 29, 700C bike wheels
  • Made with eco-friendly material
  • Shoulder carrying bag
  • Only front wheel needs to be removed

DILANG Folding Bike Travel Bag Pro

Bike Travel Cases Top 6

If you have a folding bike, opt for the DILANG Travel Bag Pro. This case is designed for carrying a folding bike with a size between 20 to 22 inches. The DILANG Travel Bag Pro is a soft case but it is very sturdy as it is made of 600D Oxford cloth, 210D encrypted polyester, and 5mm EPE material.

With a weight of around 3kg, this travel case is easy to carry on your shoulders. It has adjustable shoulder straps and also offers the option to be a stroller bag as it has 3 three wheels, too. Socket straps are located outside the bag so you can adjust your bike easily without having to open the zipper.

When not in use, the DILANG Folding Bike Travel Bag Pro can be folded up. It also comes with its own storage bag.

  • Designed for folding bikes
  • Made with waterproof and durable fabric
  • Comes with storage bag
  • Choice of rolling case or shoulder bag
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Buying Guide for Bike Travel Cases

There are many bike cases available in the market and it may be overwhelming at first to choose one. Picking between a hardshell and a soft bag can definitely be confusing. However, you can make it easier by answering important questions to get the right one that will suit you. Here are some factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing bike travel cases:

Bike Model

The first factor you need to consider is your bike model. Not all travel cases will be suitable for mountain bikes, triathlon bikes, or hybrid bikes. If you have more than 1 bicycle and you want to switch them around when traveling, you might want to consider a travel case that can accommodate them all unless you want to purchase individual bags for them. Soft cases are usually better in accommodating different bike models.


Do you have little space in your house for storage? Will you be traveling on the road at one point? If so, you might want to choose a soft travel case as these can be folded once you are done using them. Hardshell bags can take up a lot of storage space. However, if you want to have a sturdy hardshell bag minus the large footprint, you can consider going for hybrid bags that can be collapsed when not in use.


You can expect hardshell cases to be more expensive, however, the price difference with a soft case isn’t that much too far off. Hybrid bags can cost as much as a hardshell case.

Aside from the actual price tag of bike travel cases you also need to consider the cargo price when you travel. Hardshell bike bags and boxes will be heavier and can incur pricy overweight fees.


When it comes to protection, the hardshell is superior to other kinds of travel cases. Hybrid and soft bags also offer protection but not as high as that of the hardshell. Don’t expect your bag to be scot-free after your travels, though. The important thing is the contents of your travel case—your bike and its parts—aren’t damaged.


Depending on the type of travel case that you have, there will always be some sort of dismantling to be done. It just differs in what you will have to dismantle. Some cases require you to remove the bike seat, seat post, front and rear wheels, and handlebars. The best type of travel case will be the one that will require minimal disassembly on your bike, these are usually hybrids or hardshell bags.

Soft vs Hardshell vs Hybrid

All bike travel cases have their own unique advantages. Focusing on the pros and cons of different bike travel cases can help you choose the right one for you and your bike.

Soft bags are on the cheaper end of travel cases and can fit different bike models plus they are easy to store when not in use. Hardshell bags offer maximum protection and may require less dismantling. Meanwhile, hybrids combine the protection level, convenience, and portability of both the soft and hardshell travel cases.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the best bike travel cases, it will all depend on your preferences. If you prefer to spend less time packing, then hardshell or hybrid cases with minimal disassembly like the  Scicon Aerocomfort 3.0 might be perfect for you. However, if you want a light bag that you can just put on your shoulder, a soft case is a better choice.

Bike travel cases are a necessity for cyclists, especially those who go on tours and races or maybe just leisure travelers who cycle on vacations. It is just as essential as a tailgate bike pad for cyclists who like to travel with their bicycles to destinations that can be reached by car.