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   Trailering — A Primer

Tony Hoar, at right, with a group of medical doctors and nurses from Victoria, BC who use his trailers in their "Cool-Aid" outreach program:







Tony Hoar with his KD model "grocery getter" trailer being stowed in its own basket. Behind is a lightweight two-large-bin cargo trailer from Tony's Trailers, capable of hauling over 150 pounds.(Photo courtesy of the Duncan News Leader.)

It's obvious to all that trailering adds a practical dimension to bicycling, but what isn't so obvious is that trailering can be a lot of fun!

As the cowboys know, a horse can pull a lot longer than it can carry. So can you. By moving weight from racks and panniers to a stable two-wheeled trailer, you lower your center of gravity and regain your lightweight bike's innate stability and responsiveness. Another benefit over racks and panniers: Your load doesn't bounce and shift. The lettuce will still look like lettuce when you get home. Same with the bananas!

A stable trailer keeps carrying weight under control. The riding experience changes, but after a little familiarization, it really does become fun.

By extending the range and uses of your bicycles, a trailer gives you more chances to ride, and fewer boring trips in your car. Because of their simplicity of construction compared with bicycles, trailers are a fantastic bargain. You get great "bang for the buck" for all the enjoyment and utility you receive.

Whatever your trailering needs, Tony's Trailers has a model for you. You can choose from our economical stock models, or have a trailer custom-built to your exact specifications. In either case, you'll enjoy the benefits of superior engineering, and years of development.

"I own and use three trailers that Tony designed and built, of various sizes and configurations (single- and double-wheel), and have used even more of his designs, including his largest cargo haulers. I've used all of these trailers innumerable times for carrying small/light to large/heavy loads, and everything in between. Loads have ranged from cycling course materials and training supplies, to groceries, to furniture, to supplies in a transportation job at a major university, and even a double mattress and boxspring plus three loaded bins in one load, while moving house by bike.

The seatpost attachment is, in my experience and opinion, far superior to others that use a chainstay or rear-axle attachment, which I find inconvenient for hitching and unhitching and which put quite a bit of lateral pressure on the back/rear wheel of the bike when cornering. The difference in this effect is especially noticeable when the roads are damp or wet. Having sideways exertion on the rear wheel in low-traction situations can be very unnerving, and Tony's seatpost-attached designs greatly reduce or eliminate this effect.

I own a very popular single-wheel trailer that attaches to the rear axle, which I've used extensively, and it's very difficult to manoeuvre when loaded. In addition, the lateral movement on the rear axle and within the trailer's framework can lead to severe oscillation and great difficulty in controlling the bike (even with a rather heavy mountain bike). This is something that I've never experienced with any design from Tony Hoar.

Finding a place to park a bicycle with an attached trailer can be difficult, and in some areas, impossible. Tony's designs make it easy to detach the trailer and use it to collect the items you want to load, then wheel the trailer back to the bike and attach it with no trouble.

Tony's trailers are engineered and manufactured to a very high standard. They are lightweight, manoeuverable, effective, and they quite honestly changed my entire approach to personal transportation."

- Allan Dunlop, Director, The Center for Cycling Education

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