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   Mobile Shelter/Bicycle Tent Trailers

'JourneyMan' mobile shelter bicycle trailer

From Tony Hoar, Designer/Builder.

"This design has been a few years in the making, with several casual enquiries that started and kept me thinking about it and sketching a few scenarios."

"Over time I came to the conclusion that it was feasible and that the projected costs were reasonable. Eventually I had a serious enough enquiry to get me to finalising the design, which I did, and I built one unit."

"This prototype proved highly successful, and as the numbers inreased and additional features were added it became known as the Journeyman/Nomad."

"As these names imply you can go almost anywhere for pleasure or work, carry your belongings or cargo, and have the advantage of an easily towed trailer that is ready to go in a few minutes."

"These trailers are great for cycle-camping, have tremendous utility as equipment for first wave disaster reponse teams to house the victims, or as part of your Personal Disaster Kit."

"It is also is a very affordable temporary solution to house the homeless binners of the world."

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