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has been offering unique transportation solutions via bikes and trailers in Africa since 2007, including the Zambulance critical medical transportation.

Drive less, use a bike and trailer!

Heart Disease, Traffic Jams and ADHD Share One Simple Solution: Drive Less! Read the article.

Japanese Cycle Trains!

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How does your city rank in the worlds best cycling cities?


If you've ever wondered about the true costs of driving a car, try the BCAA Driving Calculator.

Your trailer can help in an earthquake: "You can carry kids, pet carriers, food, water, injured people, and anything else you can imagine on today's bike trailers, and they store in a small space. The state of the art is moving fast, and trailers can have one or two wheels and carry small to very large loads. Here's a basic example. For real mobility, one-wheel trailers have a lot going for them. "

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"Trailers for every purpose
When you add a trailer to your stable, cycling becomes so much more than personal transport. Loads that previously required a car can be carried, extending your ability to shop, or take rubbish to the tip, or even camp. Of course there are plenty of trailers for sale, but if you're handy at DIY, why not have a look at Tony's Trailers and his DIY section where you can find a link to his YouTube channel. Here you'll find a 9 part tutorial in building a trailer from old bits of bike and a shopping trolley. Even if you can't get hold of a trolley, the videos give handy hints on measuring and postioning parts, and how to make the most of an old bike frame in your construction." - from Sue Archer, posted by Peter Eland at VeloVision Magazine.


Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Happy customers!

Mark and Emily's webpage devoted to their purchase of a 'Trayak' kayak bicycle trailer.

"We assembled and test rode the trailer yesterday and it's great! We both had a lot of fun!"
"Thanks so much... we were both impressed at the level of detail... every time we thought of a problem, it turned out you'd already addressed it!!!"

       Mark Canizaro — Seattle, WA


Victoria Transport Policy Institute
Victoria Transport Policy Institute

(Yes, this is a photo of a Tony's Trailers 'grocery-getter' in action on the header!)

Todd Litman and the Victoria Transport Policy Institute carry out invaluable research into alternative transportation. Whether the information you seek relates to cycling, walking, carpooling, light rail transit, bus transit, or any other form of sustainable transportation, you will find worthwhile details here.


Jonathan Bier's 'trayak' kayak trailer by Tony Hoar

Check out Jonathan Bier's CLC kayak being towed on one of Tony's 'Trayak' kayak trailers! Jonathan hails from Mattapoisett, MA.


Cycling Solutions USA
Cycling Solutions USA
- based in San Antonio, Texas, we are available to conduct courses and instructor training throughout the USA.

Cowichan Recyclists
Cowichan Recyclists
- Hassle free recycling pick-up for downtown

Angus Adventures

They have achieved the first human-powered circumnavigation of Earth, the first row across the Atlantic from mainland to mainland by a woman, the first descent of the world's fifth longest river, the Yenisey, and many others. Through film, writing, photography and speaking the duo share these adventures of science and exploration with you.

Bin Buddies
Bin Buddies are water resistant nylon fabric inserts with pockets around the inside perimeter for storing a variety of items in commonly found plastic storage bins while still allowing the lid to fit snugly as the original manufacturers intended.

Wavelength Magazine
Wavelength Magazine

See Tony Hoar's "Trayak" kayak bicycle trailer on the Wavelength Magazine website.

Rouge Film

"The Tour de France, or La Grande Boucle as it's affectionately known by the locals, is a three week celebration of all things French with some cycling thrown in for good measure. Over the last century glory, wealth, yellow jerseys and bitter accusations have been thrown at the man who cycles round Franceoptical communications in the shortest cumulative time, in what is generally regarded as the toughest annual sporting event on the planet. But in the intense modern world of sport, where athletes plan their performances with spreadsheets, weigh every morsel of food and where winning is everything, the Tour de France has always kept a special place for the athlete who comes last. This man is known as The Lanterne Rouge. Tony was the first British Lanterne Rouge, see more on YouTube."

Déménagement Myette: Hard working trailers in Quebec.

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