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   Grocery-Getter ™ Bicycle Trailers
Model D (Standard)

Our standard grocery-getter has convenient features like a foam-padded handgrip for easy pulling around your local supermarket. And yes, it fits through the checkout aisles.

Hitching your lightweight "grocery-getter" trailer to your seatpost has two big advantages: It's quick to attach and remove, and it gives you a conveniently positioned handle to pull the trailer around with in the store.




Our standard grocery-getter model features 16-inch wheels with maintenance-free sealed bearing hubs, an easily removable plastic container, hinged lid, safe low-energy bungee system, "D" frame for extra strength.

Like all our grocery-getter models, this trailer features all-welded high-tensile steel construction and two rugged wheels, for superior handling and stability over a single-wheel design. Its tough, watertight 68-litre (18 gal.) tub can be stacked, giving the trailer a total carrying capacity of 100 lb. The powder-coated white finish is durable and goes with any bicycle. The hitch design instantly attaches to your bicycle's seat post.

This trailer passes easily through doors and most check-out aisles, and stands on its own foot when detached. Its perfect weight distribution, loaded or unloaded, makes it easy to pull when you're walking. All grocery-getter models come with instructions, a safety cable, and seat-post sleeve.

If you want an easily-shipped version of this trailer (for touring in Europe, as an example), the KD model with its 3 joints takes less than a minute to spin off the wheels and put it all inside the container. Very useful for shipping or storing.

D-Model Specifications:

Weight: 17.5 lb.

Width: 29 inches.

Price:$451 (US $356)
(plus shipping and applicable taxes)


Other Grocery-Getter ™ models:

All trailers shipped from Duncan, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. See the ordering page for more information about how to purchase a Tony's Trailer.

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