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About Tony


Tony Hoar knows bicycling from every point of view: Tour de France veteran, engineer and respected builder of bicycles and trailers, present-day Master's-level competitor, and well-known British Columbia cycling events coordinator and bicycling advocate.

Tony Hoar has been building top-quality human-powered transportation devices in bucolic British Columbia for more than 20 years. His professional experience as an engineer, metalworker and draftsman have been put to good use, building a range of trailers, custom lightweight racing and touring bicycles, tandems, and racing wheelchairs for such elite athletes as Rick Hansen and Gerry Steida in their World Championship victories.

Tony also has an impressive cycling background, both as a professional racer and as an organizer of regional, national and international cycling associations and competitions. A veteran of the Tour de France, Tony remains competitive in Master's bicycle racing, and has long been a fixture in the British Columbia cycling community, organizing competitive events and representing the interests of cyclists on committees and advocacy groups.

Learn more about Tony, the first British Lanterne Rouge at the Tour de France in 1955!

The Tour de France is not all hard work. Here Henri Sitek on the left and Brian Robinson in the middle during the 1955 Tour. Click the picture for a larger version.